Fairphone unveils Fairbuds featuring 11mm drivers, ANC, replaceable batteries: Specs, price, and more



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Amsterdam-based Fairphone, an ethical electronic manufacturer, announced on Thursday that it has launched Fairbuds, a true wireless earbuds. 

While most of the earbuds are often disposed of once they stop working, Fairbuds has a total of seven spare parts that can be easily exchanged. Unlike other TWS in the market, if a user loses one earbud, they can easily order a replacement. 

The Fairbuds also allow users to replace the batteries in both the earbuds and the modular charging case. 

This replaceable battery feature is crucial for ensuring that the earbuds have a longer lifespan. Most people tend to dispose of their earbuds due to the decreasing battery life, and this feature helps to combat this issue.

Reinier Hendriks, CEO at Fairphone states, “The Fairbuds we are launching today are built to last and are made with 70% fair and recycled materials. We provide a unique extended three-year warranty as well, to help extend the use of the earbuds for as long as possible. With our new Fairbuds, we want to continue to expand Fairphone’s customer base. Based on the Fairbuds XL app downloads, we see that 70 per cent of Fairbuds XL customers were new to Fairphone!

Fairbuds: Made out of recycled and fair materials

According to the company, the Fairbuds (both the earbuds and charging case) are made with 70 per cent recycled and fair materials.

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Fairphone claims that it uses rare earth elements that are 100% recycled during the production of its products. This helps to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas footprint. 

Any remaining greenhouse gas emissions produced from the sale of Fairbuds are offset by the company through investments in carbon reduction projects, clarifies Fairphone in the press release.  

The company also says the Fairbuds are electronic waste neutral, meaning that for every pair of Fairbuds produced, an equivalent weight of electronic waste is recycled responsibly.


The Fairbuds come with high-quality titanium-coated 11mm drivers, active noise-canceling (ANC) with wind noise reduction, and environmental noise-canceling (ENC). 

The Fairbuds feature six onboard microphones, and multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, allowing two devices to connect simultaneously. It also has an IP54 rating and 26 hours of playback (with the charging case). 

Users can customise the found using Fairbuds mobile app, available for both Android and Apple devices. The Fairbuds also come with a 3-year warranty. 

The Fairbuds will be available for order on 9 April from Fairphone’s website and selected partners in Europe, at a suggested retail price of €149.

Brief about Fairphone

Founded in 2013 by Bas van Abel, Fairphone is driven by the mission to inspire the entire electronics industry to adopt more responsible practices. 

The company says that each Fairphone device exemplifies the market’s demand for ethical electronics, seamlessly integrated with a sustainable and profitable business strategy.

The B-Corp-certified company aims to influence the electronics industry by emphasising ethical practices. It encourages manufacturers and suppliers to invest in improved working conditions and sustainable practices, fostering better opportunities for connected communities in the supply chain.


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