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The fashion industry is constantly in flux, with new styles and trends emerging every season. But in recent years, the industry has been shaped by one thing more than any other – technology. 

Fashion and technology

In the past, fashion houses would send out their collections to be photographed by magazines months in advance. But with the advent of social media, styles can go from the runway to a user’s feed in real time. 

This has changed how people consume fashion. Instead of waiting to see what’s in stores six months down the line, people can get their fix of a new style as soon as it hits the catwalk.

Further, technology has also allowed us to get more involved in the design process. Currently, people have options in apps and websites to create custom pieces or order made-to-measure garments without ever having to step into a store. 

And with 3D printing, we’re not far off from being able to print our clothes at home.

Talking about technology’s impact on the fashion industry, Kasper Brandi Petersen, co-founder of Labfresh, says, “In terms of e-commerce, there is an industry-wide migration towards Shopify, which allows for international scalability at a much lower cost than ever before. Moreover, Amsterdam is blessed with two of the most respected companies within the Shopify community – Ask Phill and Good Karma.”

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“In terms of material technology, MIT and WBSO grants (for textile engineers) have allowed us to insource feasibility studies of new, more sustainable textile technologies that in the past have been ignored. For LABFRESH, this is centred around antimicrobial and DWR treatments that we use in 100 per cent of our collection (anti-odour and stain repellency),” he adds. 

Fashion startups

Fashion tech startups are on the rise as the industry leverages technology to improve the shopping experience and meet the needs of modern consumers. 

Fashion startups globally are developing innovative solutions to help retailers and brands better connect with customers, personalise the shopping experience, and use data to drive decision-making.

The Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, is home to many fashion tech startups. These Amsterdam startups aim to make things faster, easier, and more accessible, giving consumers more control over our style than ever before.

We have compiled a list of Amsterdam-based Fashion-tech startups that are reshaping the future of fashion with their innovative technologies.

Next Closet
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The Next Closet

Founder/s: Lieke Pijpers, Thalita van Ogtrop

The Next Closet is a peer-to-peer marketplace for secondhand designer clothes and accessories. The startup focuses specifically on women looking for affordable high-end designer fashion. 

The Amsterdam platform allows users to ‘follow’ each other’s closets and share items on social media. The female-founded brand aims to change the textile industry by inspiring people to invest in quality and reuse what they already have.

The Fabricant
Image credits: The Fabricant

The Fabricant 

Founder/s: Adriana Hoppenbrouwer, Amber Jae Slooten, Kerry Murphy

The Fabricant is on a mission to lead the fashion industry to a new sector of digital-only clothing that wastes nothing but data and exploits nothing but imagination. 

The Amsterdam-based company transitioned its garment sampling and marketing content pipeline to 3D digital practices and created new digital-only business models.

The company’s long-term goal is to create tools and products that transition the fashion industry towards a digital existence in production and consumption.

Image credits: Labfresh


Founder/s: Kasper Brandi Petersen, Lotte Vink

This Amsterdam-based startup aims to fight overconsumption by developing intelligent apparel that repels stains and odour. 

Developed in Switzerland, produced in Portugal, and designed in Amsterdam, smart t-shirts from Labfresh are made of 100 per cent long-staple cotton. 

The smart T-shirt repels all water-based liquids, like red wine and ketchup. In addition, it has a moisture-wicking technology, which ensures that sweat is absorbed and spread out over the fabric so it can dry quickly while not being externally visible.

Project CeCe
Image credits: Project CeCe


Founder/s: Marcella Wijngaarden, Melissa Wijngaarden, Noor Veenhoven

Amsterdam-based Project Cece is an online marketplace for fair and sustainable fashion. The platform offers over 15,000 products from over 100 different webshops with sustainability at its core. 

The Dutch company’s goal is to positively impact the fashion industry by making fair and sustainable clothing easy to find.

Image credit: Otrium


Founder/s: Max Klijnstra and Milan Daniels

Otrium is an online fashion outlet marketplace that allows fashion brands to open an online outlet with minimal effort and all the advantages. 

Through their platform, brands can sell outlet collections and previous collections, where all items remain on their property until sold. 

The Amsterdam-based platform has over 300 brand partnerships with up-and-coming designers, luxury names, and more than 3M shopping members. 

Image credits: Byborre


Founder/s: Borre Akkersdijk

BYBORRE is an Amsterdam-based textile studio working on aesthetics, functionality, technology, and material research. 

The company aims to improve the entire textile creation cycle and production processes worldwide by inviting other brands to work with the platform and discover new ways to create quality, custom, and sustainable textiles. 

The company’s Textile Development Kit allows designers, artists, and creators to use its sustainable building blocks, industry innovations, and creative tools to twist textiles into their own aesthetic, requirements, and style.

Image credits: MycoTEX


Founder/s: Aniela Hoitink

NEFFA (previously MycoTEX) offers an all-in-one solution for brands to create custom-fit products from sustainable, vegan textiles from mycelium (mushroom roots). As per the company’s claims, this manufacturing method solves several major issues in the fashion, interior, and automotive industries.


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