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Although the new president of the United States likes to believe that there is no such thing as climate change, that does not stop Climate-KIC from continuing their activities. The eco-friendly accelerator offers an intensive three-stages program for startups in the cleantech sector. The third and final stage of the program started last week with 10 startups lucky enough to make it to the final stage.

Getting ready for takeoff

After doing the first “Fundamentals” stage, and the second “Validation” stage, startups could apply for the final “Delivery” stage. In the first stage they learned to build an efficient and customer-oriented business-plan, which was then extensively validated in the second stage.  The third stage is to get the business “ready for takeoff”. The Review Board of Climate-KIC selected 10 startups to join the final stage of the program.

Earth-friendly comforts

The startups of the Climate-KIC have in common that they all address climate change. However, their products are diverse. Stoov offers comfort with their cushion with an internal heating element. Instead of warming an entire terrace, the cushions can warm people directly. These cushions are as economic to save up to 90% energy compared to traditional heating systems. Another comfortable energy saver is the product of Hamwells. With their e-shower with circulation mode you could have a long shower without feeling guilty about wasting water and energy.

Developing countries

Personal comfort is more than warm, cozy cushions and a warm shower. Small farmers in developing countries often struggle to get an official claim to their land. Landmapp helps them to secure their land, which is often their only asset with which they can generate income.

Recycling, safety, efficiency

Other selected startups are Blue plastics, a company that focuses on efficiently recycling of plastic, and E-trailer, an electric trailer that is not only sustainable, but also improves safety. ParkBee also made it to the final stage of the Climate-Kic Accelerator. We wrote about them last month, when the startup raised a big funding. Parkbee wants to solve the problem of parking in the city, by showing available parking places through an App.

For a full list of the selected startups, check the news item on the website of Climate-KIC.

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