Floor Cleaning Redefined: TINECO FLOOR ONE SWITCH S7 Meets a Wide Range of Cleaning Needs



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The intelligent FLOOR ONE SWITCH S7 not only combines vacuuming and mopping, but also shines with its new features such as the FlashDry self-cleaning system. The SWITCH S7 offers its versatility in daily cleaning. The most important features at a glance:

The FlashDry self-cleaning system: Cleaning processes include a two-minute self-cleaning process along the entire path from brush to hose, followed by a five-minute sealed drying process at a temperature of 70℃, making the brush ready for use without additional air drying or extended waiting times. Hassle-free maintenance with the FlashDry self-cleaning system, designed to keep the device in top condition with minimal effort.

The MHCBS™ technology: The groundbreaking technology ensures optimal performance and efficiency. With an impressive speed of 450 revolutions per minute and the Wring & Wash process, the system ensures thorough cleaning. The squeeze process and the use of an advanced scraper remove dirt effectively while the brush always remains clean.

The ZeroTangle brush: With the ZeroTangle brush from Tineco, there is no more annoying tangling of pet hair, as 99.99% of this hair is removed and this promises uncomplicated cleaning at all times.

Maximized Runtime and Lifespan: Tineco products are designed to provide extended battery life, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning time. With an operating time of up to 40 minutes for the wiper and up to 65 minutes for the vacuum cleaner, the FLOOR ONE SWITCH S7 is a powerhouse. In addition, the lifespan of the battery is extended 3 times by the upgraded Pouch Cell.

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The PureCyclone System: Strong suction power and effective dirt separation with Tineco PureCyclone technology. The system filters 99.97% of dust particles smaller than 0.3㎛, effectively separating air from dust for long-lasting, powerful suction.

The SmoothPower System: The SmoothPower System enables effortless handling of the vacuum cleaner thanks to its self-propelled function.

The new cleaning technology minimizes odors, improves indoor air quality, efficiently removes dirt and allergens for a healthier environment and extends the life of the brush roll, providing long-term cost savings and simplifying maintenance. Overall, it is a worthwhile investment for a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

The FLOOR ONE SWITCH S7 is available from today for 899 euros on Amazon and in the official Tineco online shop.

About Tineco

Tineco was founded in 1998 with the launch of its first vacuum cleaner and has been driving innovation in the smart household appliance category ever since. Tineco specializes in developing advanced, smart technologies that make everyday household products smarter and easier to use. With the PURE ONE vacuum cleaner portfolio and the introduction of the first smart wet/dry vacuum cleaner line on the market – the FLOOR ONE series – Tineco has quickly become a leader in the smart household appliance category.


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