Amsterdam’s FounderFuel launches new VC fund to empower international founders in the Netherlands



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Amsterdam-based FounderFuel, a community for founders and investors, announced the launch of its new investment fund.

The initiative has transformed into a fund that supports early seed-stage founders with capital and a network of experienced problem-solvers.

FounderFuel aims for 25-35 investments by 2027, exclusively using EPOS agreements. They prioritise founder-led companies, emphasising product value over prolonged equity discussions.

Empowering early-stage startups

Founded in 2022 by Chingiskhan Kazakhstan and Max Schalow, FounderFuel initially served as an informal community for founders and investors, aiming to replicate a Silicon Valley experience in The Netherlands

Schalow, says, “International founders have a hard time reaching local funds, whereas they are the ones bringing different perspectives to the market.”

Having already facilitated the raising of millions through the community, FounderFuel is transitioning into a new phase as a fund, geared towards empowering the next wave of startups with capital, community support, and expertise. Soon, the community will bring more benefits, events and activities.

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FounderFuel, with a 7-member team, accelerates deal closure within two months using its startup community. 

Investment tickets come from operators, angels, and founders, backed by support from notable figures like Tommy Hurley from Shamrock Ventures, who is a member of the FounderFuel investment committee.

Open to opportunities

FounderFuel concentrates on pre-seed and early seed stages but remains flexible, investing in Series A rounds with €75K tickets.

The company’s portfolio startups receive support from experienced problem-solvers, an expansive network, and assistance in securing follow-on funding. 

The fund is open to investment from startup operators, founders, angel investors, high-net-worth individuals, and tech executives.


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