Berlin-based, an end-to-end DevOps platform for Kubernetes and containers, raises €14.31M



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Berlin-based, an end-to-end development and testing platform for Kubernetes and cloud, announced on Thursday that it has raised $16M (nearly €14.31M) in its Series A round of funding.

The round was co-led by Berlin and San Francisco-based early-stage VC firm 468 Capital and US-based Sorenson Ventures. Existing investors Crowberry Capital, Fly Ventures and others also participated in this round.

Accelerate your development, testing and CI/CD workflows

The adoption of cloud-based technologies such as containers and Kubernetes has made it easier to operate and scale applications. But important developer workflows have been overlooked or neglected along the way. Many developers find that they’re now less productive than they were before the cloud-native era.

Testing is a critical part of the development process and one that’s in need of a major upgrade. Modern cloud-native testing practices are largely driven by what’s feasible rather than what’s useful. Developers working on distributed microservices applications have been left without an efficient way to build, run tests and troubleshoot in a production-like environment.

This is where steps in. Founded in 2018 by Bas Peters, Jon Edvald and Thor Sigurdsson, the platform helps companies deliver faster to the cloud, using a graph-based framework that automates builds, deployments and tests for every stage of the delivery cycle.

The company aims to move the industry closer toward a world of zero-waste software development, where every developer can spend their time working on problems they know will have the biggest impact on their business.

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Jon Edvald says, “Cloud developer teams are struggling with productivity today, simply because our toolchain for development and testing dates back to the pre-cloud era. By capturing the relationships between the components of our users’ systems, enables them to build, deploy, test and rapidly iterate in production-like environments at every phase of the development lifecycle – dramatically improving productivity, simplifying configuration and delivering top-notch automation out of the box.”

Currently, primarily focuses on Kubernetes, containers, and other cloud infrastructure via Terraform and Pulumi integrations.

Capital utilisation claims that the funds will help the team to broaden its support to include serverless platforms, integrations with DevSecOps solutions and software supply chain management. The company also has plans to triple its workforce by the end of 2022, both in the US and Europe.

Jon Edvald says, “With this latest fundraise, we plan to build out our platform further, improving developer productivity and making the power of modern cloud systems more accessible to the average developer. We’re thrilled to welcome 468 Capital and Sorenson Ventures to our team.”


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