Germany’s bags €4.5M to combat manufacturing labour shortage using AI and computer vision



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Berlin-based, a computer vision software company, recently announced the completion of €4.5M in a seed funding round led by Cavalry Ventures, with participation from existing investor Merantix.

Additionally, the German startup has garnered support from a series of prominent investors, including: 

  • Nico Peters and Willi Tscheschner (both founders of Signavio) 
  • Max Viessmann (CEO of the Viessmann Group) 
  • Walter Kortschak (Firestreak Ventures) 
  • Christian Dahlen
  • Edward Grefenstette (Google DeepMind) 
  • Robin Capital
  • Combination Ventures

Fund utilisation

The German company will use the funds to accelerate customer onboarding, enhance AI capabilities for machining processes, and integrate customer IT systems’ data. 

They also plan to increase their go-to-market team to expand their product reach to more factories in the next 18-24 months.

Founding duo was founded in 2022 by Maximilian Fischer and Silviu Homoceanu.

The founding duo has experience in developing products for the transformation of production processes. 

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Maximilian Fischer, a mechanical engineer from ETH Zürich, digitised 40 factories worldwide and analysed 200 factories. 

Silviu Homoceanu, the co-founder, has a doctorate in machine learning and was responsible for the autonomous driving software unit at Volkswagen. 

He also established and sold a video analysis startup for security applications.

What does solve?

As the world moves towards local production hubs to strengthen supply chains and promote sustainability, the biggest challenge is to tackle the shortage of skilled labor. 

“Amidst the worldwide shortage of skilled labour, computer vision emerges as the driving force behind the digital transformation of production facilities. Through this technology, we amplify human capabilities and transform the production landscape,” says Maximilian Fischer, Co-founder and CEO of

The Berlin-based offers a solution by using visual digitisation to convert manual production processes such as assembly, packaging, and machinery adjustments into digital formats. 

The algorithm used by the company analyses factors like hand movements and cycle times to identify any unnecessary steps, thereby proposing ways to improve the process. 

“Our vision propels us towards a future where proficient workers receive support from cutting-edge technology, enhancing efficiency and facilitating the effective communication of their expertise. This vision aligns with the escalating demands for quality and quantity of products,” adds Fischer. 

These refined processes can be used for training purposes as well.’s solutions cater to machinery manufacturing, electronics production, and logistics industries. 

As per the company’s claims, by implementing its solutions, clients experience a productivity boost of 10-30 per cent and a reduction in training time for new employees by 20-50 per cent.

“We have developed a system that trains and deploys a class of lightweight neural networks running on edge devices directly in the factories. The data does not leave the factory, reducing risks in terms of security and privacy,” explains Silviu Homoceanu, Co-founder and CTO of adheres to strict European data protection standards. Data is processed locally on shop floor PCs using “Edge Computing” to avoid permanent storage. 

Raw data is either deleted or retained as discreet, anonymised snippets for training purposes. The camera serves as a precise sensor for digital transformation.

The investor

Cavalry Ventures is a Berlin-based pre-seed and seed venture capital investor. The VC backs European enterprise and consumer software startups that contribute to a better future. 

Through a dedicated Platform Team, Cavalry aims to connect its entrepreneurs to investors, engineers, academics, executives, industry experts, and others to create the optimal ecosystem for Cavalry portfolio companies to thrive.

So far, the company has invested in over 50 companies across multiple funds. Notable investments include Aleph Alpha, Flip, Forto, PlanRadar, Spread, and Usercentrics.

“With the new possibilities enabled by AI, the fourth industrial revolution becomes a reality. Human expertise remains unparalleled, and AI serves as a valuable assistant – supporting and improving the workforce. Together, human capabilities and AI innovation pave the way for a future where this collaboration propels productivity and excellence to new heights,” says Claude Ritter, Managing Partner at Cavalry Ventures and one of the early investors in European AI pioneer Aleph Alpha.

Merantix is the world’s first AI investment platform dedicated to researching, building, and investing in artificial intelligence companies. 

The company pioneers the transfer of AI research into real-world applications by building AI startups from scratch, in collaboration with partners such as the technology investor SoftBank, Transpose Platform, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and various European family offices. 

Merantix has raised over €30M to date, with which it has funded and built AI ventures across all industries. 

“The customers that works with are the backbone of European industry and are faced with huge transformational challenges. Thanks to its deep technical expertise and domain knowledge, is set up to be the leader in this much-needed industrial revolution,” says Rasmus Rothe, co-founder of Merantix.


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