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Startup founders often have unique stories to offer about what drives them, how they got started, their decision-making process and how they’ve overcome challenges. Stories to inspire others to learn and take actions themselves.

AWS Startup Stories: Notes from Founders features 25 original interviews from 25 entrepreneurial founders, following the success of the podcast series of AWS Startup Stories. In 5 monthly issues, this special eBook by Amazon Web Services documents and celebrates the evolution of small teams led by entrepreneurs, as they grow into global companies with drive and a mission to succeed.

Get practical advice on what it takes to build a startup and discover unique insights into some of the brightest minds in tech.

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The first issue focused on Pioneers. TransferWise, Elaia Partners, Freigeist Capital, Pipedrive and Collibra have built ground-breaking global brands that have paved the way for others to follow.  These pioneers share their knowledge, motivations, anecdotes, and lessons learned on moving forward with your startup regardless of the obstacles that come your way.


Issue 2 was all about Disruptors like Seedlegals, JUNIQE, Pixellot, Lunar Way and YEAY. From shaking up the art world to reinventing the way startups access funding, they’re utilizing and creating new technology to disrupt the world as we know it.

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The third issue featured advice from startups who all have innovation at their core, like Metail, Tinyclues, Powtoon, Satispay and Bring! It’s been said that the best way to launch a business is to set out to solve a problem. In this issue, you’ll meet people who’ve done just that – the dreamers, the thinkers, the innovators, the tinkerers, the ‘what if I try it this way’ers.


In the fourth issue of AWS Startup Stories founders of Codemotion, Ryte, Bynder, Mapillary, and Detectify reveal how they aren’t afraid to challenge the startups that came before them. Get the eBook to discover a unique perspective of some of the brightest minds in tech.

Issue 5: The Changemakers

These startup founders from Babylon Health, Immersive Labs, Firefly, Sendy and Aerobotics are bringing about social change and aren’t afraid to aim big. The final issue of AWS Startup Stories, out this month, contains 5 more original interviews with lessons learned and unique insights to inspire you on your startup journey.

A quick sneak peek:

James Hadley (Immersive Labs) has built a platform where anyone with a sprinkle of determination, some natural problem-solving prowess, and a little tenacity can learn cyber-security skills. The former GCHQ Cyber School trainer founded Bristol-based Immersive Labs in January 2017 to solve the chronic skills shortage faced by the industry, and help businesses welcome a more diverse group of cyber professionals into the fold.

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