Dutch-based Instruqt raises €15M to help create demos, hands-on training for real product experience



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The Netherlands-based Instruqt, a platform that helps companies drive product-led growth by removing barriers and creating a hands-on full-funnel product experience, announced on Thursday, May 4, that it has secured €15M in a Series A round of funding.

The round was led by London-based Blossom Capital, a venture capital firm that supports Europe’s visionary founders with Series A funds.

Ophelia Brown, founder and Managing Partner at Blossom Capital, says, “Instruqt hits the sweet spot for buyers and sellers alike when it comes to tackling the key challenges faced in all sizes and sectors of business.”

“Its own growth is a testament to just how important putting products and software features at the heart of your business strategy can be and we’re delighted to not only be investing in this round but to be Instruqt’s first venture partner.”

CEO of Instruqt, Coert Baart, says, “We’re incredibly proud of the success we’ve had to date, created by offering real value that shifts the dial for our customers.” 

“Having been bootstrapped since day one, it was always going to take a VC who truly understood our vision for us to take outside capital. With Ophelia and Blossom, we now have the support and networks to take Instruqt to the next level and beyond.”

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An all-in-one product adoption platform

Founded in 2018 and led by CEO Coert Baart along with co-founder Adé Mochtar, Instruqt is a product growth platform that combines learning and selling at every level of the customer journey.

The company provides SaaS leaders with the resources they need to build shareable and embeddable browser-based sandbox environments for practical demonstrations and proofs of concept.

Adé Mochtar, co-founder & CTO and Coert Baart, CEO of Instruqt | Image credit: Instruqt

Customers are given the opportunity to test the products themselves rather than being told why they should buy them.

Instruqt claims it has assisted well-known and unicorn companies in the software and product-led growth industries, including RedHat, MongoDB, Datadog, and HashiCorp, in transforming their sales and training procedures. 

Instruqt  says these global SaaS leaders use the platform to:

  • Create self-service demos and no-cost test drives for potential customers
  • Incorporate interactive product education to increase lead generation
  • Provide live training and sales demos to convert potential customers
  • Offer self-paced tutorials to clients to assist with onboarding and training
  • Train and upskill employees

Adé Mochtar, CTO of Instruqt, says, “We know first-hand how busy buyers and users are and how many directions they’re being pulled in. For sellers to get their attention they need to give them a product experience they won’t forget.”

“They can give buyers the reins to let them test, interact and push the software in ways that not only make it engaging but empowers them to make better, more informed decisions.”

Additionally, users are coming up with creative and novel ways to use the platform, such as developing interactive learning tracks to provide developers with real-world, hands-on instruction and experience. 

Once clients are on board, businesses can utilise Instruqt to demonstrate new items, upsell, and grow swiftly and efficiently because of the scalability of this type of content.

Recent growth

Since its inception, Instruqt has hosted more than 1.6 million sales and training demos developed by more than 2,000 active content creators for more than a million interested prospects. 

According to Instruqt, companies often see an increase in their sales funnel and a reduction of 30 per cent in pre-sale times. As a result, there is a 45 per cent increase in leads of higher quality, a 40 per cent reduction in sales cycles, and a 320 per cent return on investment. 

The company claims that in the previous two years alone, it has tripled its revenue growth, doubled its client base, and tripled the size of its employees.


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