Irdeto Recognized for Corporate Environmental Responsibility by the Digital Production Partnership (DPP)



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The Sustainability@Irdeto initiative has been awarded the DPP Committed to Sustainability mark, highlighting the company’s dedication to making a positive impact on environmental issues.


The award underscores Irdeto’s proactive and comprehensive approach to sustainability. It also acknowledges Irdeto’s broad commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint and enhancing sustainable practices across all operations. The company’s dedication is reflected in the development of near and long-term emission reduction targets in commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), innovative contributions to the EV market through the CrossCharge initiative and CharIN partnership, and significant advancements in reducing reliance on physical media within the video entertainment industry through its Cloaked CA solution.

Irdeto’s efforts extend to the management of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, in alignment with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, alongside a focused approach to managing e-waste and promoting the longevity of electronic devices in support of circular economy principles. The company’s global environmental policy further reinforces this commitment by advocating for zero single-use plastics and the adoption of renewable energy sources across its operations.

Sustainability is integral to the company’s culture, with all Irdeto employees introduced to the Sustainability@Irdeto program as part of the onboarding process, in addition to ongoing sustainability awareness campaigns. These efforts are complemented by its rigorous climate change risk assessments and the establishment of a Corporate Sustainability Policy that serves as a guiding framework for the company’s sustainability endeavors.

“Sustainability isn’t just a strategic priority, it’s a core value at Irdeto,” said Lisa Spencer, VP of Marketing at Irdeto. “Our recognition by the DPP Committed to Sustainability Programme is an honor. We’re pleased to see that our commitment to driving positive change within our industry and beyond is garnering attention, and we’re excited to continue forging ahead with our sustainability initiatives, shaping a more sustainable future.”

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Irdeto’s Sustainability@Irdeto program stands as a beacon of corporate environmental responsibility, driving innovation, managing risks, and engaging stakeholders to align corporate objectives with broader societal needs. As Irdeto continues to advance its sustainability agenda, the company remains committed to its role as a catalyst for positive environmental and social impact.

For more information about Irdeto’s sustainability initiatives and the Sustainability@Irdeto program, please read our latest Sustainability Report.


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