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Technology adoption in the health care sector is poised for substantial growth as it continues to develop as a game changer in the delivery of healthcare segment.

In this regard, the Netherlands is one of the hottest place exploding with innovations to help us live longer and healthier lives. Moreover, the mix of hardware with software and analytics is creating a perfect combination when it comes to helping us understand our bodies.

Furthermore, things like new diagnostic or prescriptive platforms have developed in the recent past, using advanced technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, biometrics, genomics and much more,

Since innovation is everywhere, here are the 5 health tech startups from the Netherlands you should know about. For the starters, the health tech startup’s mission is to improve the physical or mental health of patients using novel methods and technologies in an efficient, cheaper, and promising way.



The Dutch healthcare start-up Remindlife, in collaboration with the Association for Exercise Therapists (VvOCM), has recently launched re-mind, a smart device that helps people structurally improve their attitude.

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This small device helps people fix their back problems and correct their posture by giving a slight vibrating signal. The re-mind contributes to sustainable behavioural change and fits in well with the practice of the exercise therapist.



Based out of Delft, Somnox is specialised in soft-robotic innovation to improve the quality of your night of sleep. It is the first non-medicinal soft robot to actively help you sleep. Somnox is fully autonomous and will give you a personal ‘treatment’ based upon the personal settings you give through the accompanying mobile application.

Founded by a team of four engineers from the TU Delft, supported by sleep experts, Somnox targets adult customers who have trouble falling asleep.


Easee B.V

Founded by Yves Prevoo, Easee has developed an online eye test that you can easily do at home without having to leave the house. Based out of Amsterdam, the company is on a mission to make a complete and accurate spectacle for everyone accessible.


Based out of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, focusses on the diagnosis and monitoring of sleeping disorders using Mobile Health (mHealth) solutions. Their snoring app detects snoring and sends a signal to the Silentsleep wearable, making it vibrate.

You turn over to your side again and the snoring stops. The app gives the option to track your progress over time, and if needed approach a medical professional in your neighbourhood.


Propeaq Light Glasses

Based out of the Netherlands, Propeaq is a company specialising in light and chronotherapy, the use of light for better performance by shifting the sleep/wake cycle and the effect of light on your metabolism for extra energy.

The company develop products to improve the well-being and performance of pro-athletes, for travelling professionals, for shift workers and for people suffering from winter blues. Light therapy helps to prevent your jet lag and optimizes your planned performance.

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