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Venture capitalists (VCs) play a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology by investing in promising startups with high growth potential. 

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in AI startups as artificial intelligence revolutionises various industries. 

VCs focusing on supporting AI startups with exceptional potential are at the forefront of this transformative wave.

What sets these VCs apart is their ability to see beyond the immediate profitability of a startup. 

While short-term gains are crucial, they recognise that AI technologies often require time to mature and reach their full potential. 

As such, they exhibit patience and a long-term perspective, providing ongoing support and resources to their portfolio companies.

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Meet Melnichek Investments

Melnichek Investments is an investment company that aims to support AI startups that can potentially transform the world. 

It focuses primarily on early-stage, high-tech IT startups in computer vision and machine learning.

The founders firmly believe that AI is the future and can revolutionise industries while improving people’s lives.

The visionaries behind Melnichek Investments

Melnichek Investments was founded by Yury Melnichek and Anna Melnichek. 

Yury Melnichek has a unique technological background, strong technology expertise, and many years of successful experience in business. 

He has been involved in various innovative technological projects, including developing cutting-edge software and hardware systems such as Maps.me and worked at Google.

Anna Melnichek, on the other side, has multiple years of experience in deal structuring, business organisation, and operation management.

She has successfully managed investments and acquisition deals, coordinating legal and organisational aspects, leading Due Diligence, guiding multidisciplinary teams, and implementing effective strategies.

To gain deeper insights into the new investment company’s mission and vision, Silicon Canals reached out to Yury Melnichek. 

As a co-founder of the investment firm, Yury provided valuable insights into the company’s strategic approach and its targeted focus on supporting AI startups with exceptional potential.

More than just investors

“Melnichek Investments was founded to give an opportunity to our vast knowledge in business acumen and technological expertise to foster growth within the AI startup ecosystem,” says Yury Melnichek.

Driven by their passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, Melnichek Investments aims to go beyond being just investors.

“We see our role as more than just investors, but as enablers and partners in the splendid voyage of business creation and evolution,” shares Melnichek. 

The firm’s team of experienced professionals provides expertise in business strategy, product development, and fundraising, among others. 

Handpicking AI startups with the X-Factor

The investment company adopts a highly precise approach when selecting AI startups for investment.

Explaining the criteria, Melnichek says, “When we consider investing in AI startups, our primary focus is on projects that have the potential to improve the lives of a vast number of people fundamentally. The founders’ character is paramount to us – their integrity, energy, and professionalism carry immense weight in our decision-making process. We perceive it as an advantage when a founder has startup experience, particularly when they have faced past failures.” 

In addition to the founders’ qualities, Melnichek Investments pays close attention to the core ideas and technologies of the startups. 

“We’re particularly drawn to ideas that do not have a ‘glass ceiling’, offering unlimited 

opportunities for advancement,” he adds.

Focusing on Computer Vision and Machine Learning

The company has a strong focus on early-stage, high-tech IT startups in computer vision and machine learning. 

“Melnichek Investments uses our funds to fund AI startups in their pre-seed, seed, and A rounds, and our investment ranges from $200K to several million, depending on the startup’s potential,” says Melnichek.

The founders firmly believe in the immense potential of computer vision and machine learning to bring about substantial benefits and advancements that were once considered out of reach.

“Our affinity for these domains is also deeply personal,” adds Melnichek.

Powering AI innovations

To date, the company has invested in various AI startups, including:

  • Gero Startup – It aims to revolutionise how we approach ageing through AI. 
  • OneSoil – An AI-assisted agronomy platform for sustainable agriculture.
  • Rainbow.ai – The app provides hyperlocal weather forecasts and notifies users about weather changes.

“Additionally, we have just launched a brand-new project from scratch, we met an exceptional founder and developed the idea together. We believe you will be hearing about this project quite often shortly,” he adds.  

Melnichek Investments is actively searching for new investment opportunities, particularly in AI startups dedicated to developing new technologies for the betterment of humanity’s happiness and development.

Beyond Financial Investment

The investment firm understands that financial investment alone is not enough for startups to succeed. That’s why they offer mentorship and guidance to the startups they invest in. 

With Yury Melnichek’s technical expertise and Anna Melnichek’s experience in investment and acquisition deal structuring, the company provides startups with invaluable support in business strategy, product development, and fundraising.

“Our wealth of knowledge is instrumental in guiding startups on a successful path, aiding them in avoiding costly mistakes. Our support is not confined to these aspects alone. Over the years, we have built an invaluable network that has benefited our associated startups in various ways, ranging from talent acquisition to raising additional capital,” reveals Melnichek.

The rise of super-small teams and opportunities ahead

Melnichek Investments recognises the rise of super-small teams creating powerful AI-driven products as a remarkable trend. 

“This shift magnifies the significance and influence of every team member, particularly the founders. That’s why we are consistently searching for talent, looking for potential C-level executives and strong software engineers. So, if you excel in what you do and would like to work with us, please feel free to reach out directly,” he reveals.

The future of AI and Melnichek Investments’ role

“The rapid expansion of the AI industry provides us with an incredible toolkit to implement fresh ideas and enhance the quality of life across the board. At Melnichek Investments, we are deeply passionate about our work and look forward to witnessing the remarkable growth of our projects. We anticipate them achieving impressive outcomes that instil pride. Our projects will demonstrate resilience in navigating the inherent challenges of startups.” 

“We wholeheartedly believe in the projects we invest in and hope for them to reach a point where they become household names, solving people’s problems and delivering significant benefits. With optimism and commitment, we are thrilled to contribute to this transformative landscape, paving the way for a future where technology and humanity progress in tandem,” concludes Melnichek


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