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Entrepreneurship is catching up with the trend of late and attracts numerous people onto the bandwagon. But, many people tend to fall off the wagon within no time as there are way too many rough patches throughout the path that make them lose their focus and give up their mission. While perseverance is important to become a successful entrepreneur, it is possible to achieve the same with a motivated mindset.

When it comes to staying motivated, there are various options you could try such as reading an inspirational book, getting tips from expert entrepreneurs, etc. However, a great way to get your daily dose of motivation is to watch a motivational movie. This will make you overcome all the obstacles and roadblocks you face on your path to become a successful entrepreneur. Undoubtedly, movies have the complete potential to challenge your limits, invoke your emotions, and rekindle your aspirations.

Take a look at these motivational movies available on streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others that will help you stay motivated during the lockdown due to COVID-19. These movies will definitely help you get inspired if you are feeling demotivated due to the obstacles caused by the covornavirus outbreak.

The Big Short

The Big Short starring Christian Bale shows the story of a group of Wall Street investors and fund managers who predicted the housing market crisis before it began to cave in between 2007 and 2008. The film showcases the risks faced by the financial institutions. It features the work of hedge fund manage Michael Burry, creates a default swap that lets him to bet against bonds and enables his investors make money. Despite people mocking at home, Burry was motivated and the strategy paid off.

Walt Before Mickey

Walt Disney has faced many difficulties before witnessing success. Walt Before Mickey shows the failures Disney had to face before building a career in animated films. Before Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney created Oswald Rabbit but it wasn’t copyrighted and had to let the character go. While being renowned for his successful work, Walt Disney’s path to success shows the bumpy road he had to travel. Eventually, this film could be a real motivation for entrepreneurs.


Adidas vs. Puma: The Brothers’ Feud

Adidas vs. Puma: The Brothers’ Feud tells the story of two most renowned shoe companies in the world – Adidas and Puma. These companies have stemmed from a vicious family feud that pitted two brothers against each other and divided the inhabitants of their hometown in Germany. This flick shows the rivalry between the brands that went beyond the corporate competition. It shows the business approaches that they follow as well.

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The Real Founder

The Real Founder depicts an interview with Dick McDonald, the person behind the McDonald’s restaurant chain. He shares his story of how they (Dick McDonald and his brother Maurice) started a drive-in restaurant in Southern California that became a popular one. The documentary shows the backstory of how the innovations in the food industry helped them and how they started franchising the restaurant before Ray Kroc was involved in it.


Starring Jennifer Lawrence as Joy Mangano, Joy depicts the challenges faced by a woman entrepreneur. It has a wonderful message for women who aspire to build a successful company. In the movie, Mangano is a self-made millionaire, who formed a business empire. Joy shows how will the woman entrepreneur beats the odds and breaks stereotypes and challenges and becomes successful. It will instil the thought that success demands you to fight a multi-front battle.

The Founder

Highlighting the success of McDonald’s, the popular and successful restaurant chain, The Founder shows how the McDonald brothers started the revolutionary kitchen assembly. Once Ray Kroc entered the same by providing milkshake mixers, the company started witnessing success. This movie shows that it is important not to give up while on the path to success and sheds light on various aspects of running a business such as the necessity of having a good team and the importance of having legalities in place.

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley is a documentary, which shows the story of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of blood-testing startup, Theranos. She made public believe that her device is accurate and can perform dozens of blood tests using a single finger prick. Later, she was charged with criminal offenses as it was a lie. Given that Holmes could narrate a lie and lure people to believe it to be true, entrepreneurs can learn how to attract investors and refuse to listen to those who question them from this movie.

Ford v Ferrari

Starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale, Ford v Ferrari shows Henry Ford II’s disappointment that became revenge and made him create a new car to beat Ferrari’s Le Mans, which is the oldest active sports car endurance race in the world. This movie shows how Ferrari executives don’t consider the competition that Ford can cause and the impact of the same. It also shows how the latter’s project goes through middle managers reducing the overall efficiency of their operations.

Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr. Banks narrates the story behind the quest of Walt Disney in obtaining the rights to P.L. Travers’ novel Mary Poppins. Though Disney takes best efforts, Travers snubs these offers as she fears Disney’s version of her story that will not be true to her creations. It shows how she criticises each step in the process to turn the book into a movie script. Watching this movie, you will know how to handle situations that might come along your way.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio starrer The Wolf of Wall Street narrates a true story with the plot revolving around Jordan Belfort, a scam-artist stockbroker. He takes a basic job at a Wall Street brokerage firm. The movie shows that Belfort was a successful entrepreneur to have built something out of nothing. However, the company could not be successful due to deceit and corruption. This could be a great lesson for budding entrepreneurs as it shows that they shouldn’t be crooks.

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