5 compelling reasons why you should attend IBM’s Developer Night this October

5 compelling reasons why you should attend IBM’s Developer Night this October

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Typically, working in the field of developing or programming requires innovative thinking and up-to-date knowledge with the most recent trends. Since the technology is developing at a rapid speed, it’s important for the developers or programmers to network, collaborate with others, share ideas, problems, failures and solutions.

As a way of addressing this matter, there are thousands of events and conferences taking place around the world to provide them with an opportunity to assimilate what’s happening on the front lines of technology development and hone their skills.

In this regard, there’s one event that’s one-of-its-kind. Yes, we are talking about the upcoming IBM Developer Night to take place on October 11 in Amsterdam with sessions full of code, live demos and games.

What is the purpose of IBM Developer Night?

The main purpose of Developer Night is to bring a group of developers under one roof to meet each other, to exchange information, to learn and get inspired on new technologies like quantum computing technologies, machine learning, IoT and blockchain.

5 reasons why you should attend IBM’s developer night

#1 Dive into Blockchain for Business

In the recent years, blockchain technology has become left, right and centre of the technology discussion. The IBM Developer’s Night event will serve as a platform to dive into the blockchain technology used by the tech giant. In fact, the IBM Blockchain Platform is powered by Hyperledger Fabric, which is emerging as the de-facto standard for enterprise blockchain platforms. Through open source and open governance, it features innovative new capabilities hardened for use by businesses, ushering in a new era of trust, transparency and accountability.

A session with Edward Ciggaar at Developer Night will help you in grasping the basics of blockchain and learn how to build your own blockchain application. You will be learning to work with the Hyperledger Composer tool to model your business network, which will then be deployed on a Hyperledger Fabric network. The demos and code in his talk can be applied to a real-world scenario as well.

#2 Learn about Quantum computing

In addition to presenting an up-to-date perspective on the thriving field of quantum computing, you will be learning more about the IBM quantum development tools, including IBM QISKit under the guidance of industry experts like Anna Moskova and Cor van der Struijf.

#3 Nice opportunity to meet other developers

Knowledge and networking seem to be the two primary reasons why people tend to attend developer events. Another fascinating fact about attending the Developer Night is that when learning is coupled with some significant discussion amongst peers, comprehension and retention is increased drastically.

In this case, Developer Night is a networking goldmine from connecting with like-minded people during breakout sessions to finding career opportunities.

#4 Meeting the diverse set of experts

One of the best things about attending the Developer Night 2018 is to meet the diverse set of experts with a broad range of skill sets This acts as a platform to access rich experiences in building technology products, challenges, methods of approach and more. This, in turn, helps in building ideas further and encourages broader thinking.

#5 Get inspired by Justin Halsall

While being a Developer Advocate for IBM in New York, Justin Halsall is also a hacker, public speaker, master of ceremonies, a charming personality and also he’ll be hosting the IBM Developer Night. Come and witness his session as he talks about the migration from traditional applications to serverless cloud platforms.

You get insights on/ learn how you support files without a web server, manage the application state in a stateless environment, run background processes in ephemeral runtimes and more. With these techniques, you can build modern applications based on serverless platforms.

How to register?

Registration is required to enter the IBM NL headquarters in order to attend Developer Night, we need you to officially register via the IBM website.  You can check out the agenda on the official site.

Venue and timings

IBM Innovation Center

Johan Huizingalaan 765 · Amsterdam

Thursday, 11 October 2018

5:00 pm to 9:30 pm

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