5 innovative Dutch startups that have revolutionised the eyewear industry in 2018

5 innovative Dutch startups that have revolutionised the eyewear industry in 2018

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During earlier days, if you lose your pair of glasses, you will have to book an appointment with your eye doctor and wait for your turn to get a new prescription. Usually, the process would take a lot of time. This delay would result in a lot of inconveniences but not anymore.

There are several startups in the eyewear industry now. All these startups aim to provide a better experience for their customers. The industry has changed a lot in the last decade with the help of the internet. Just like how technology has shaped up the other sectors, the eyewear or glasses industry is also witnessing new transformations that take on the giants that already exist in the business.

At Silicon Canals, we have listed five trendsetting eyewear startups in the Netherlands. These startups have set themselves unique from the rest in the market. Do give it a read!

Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate based in Amsterdam was founded in 2013 by magazine enthusiast Mark de Lange. This startup focuses on designing quality frames that come at a fair price letting you update your eyewear based to stay with the trend. The eyewear brand designs, produces and sells glasses for an affordable price of €98. As of now, it is available in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Charlie Temple

Founded in 2016 by Leon Plankers, Charlie Temple sells handmade high-quality acetate glasses, multi-focus glasses and titanium glasses made using feathery Japanese titanium. This eyewear company delivers the ordered pair of glasses the next day right at your doorsteps if you have placed the order before 18:00 the previous day. You can buy the best-in-class glasses without spending a lot with this company.

Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon, an eyewear startup based in the Netherlands was founded by Pieter Jonckheer in 2015. It raised a funding of €1 million on the whole in 2015 and 2016. The company aims to design a perfectly fitted eyewear. The startup makes glasses of Polyamide, which is a material that is rougher in texture and more accurate than acetate. What’s more appealing is that you will not break the glasses easily and the average weight of these glasses is just 15 grams.


MedEye was developed by Mint Solutions, a Dutch medical startup. MedEye received a funding of €5 million in a Series B funding round from Mint Solutions in 2016. This system is also called as a Second Nurse as the nurses make use of the same to find out what medication you should get. Its system also verifies the medication to the exact amount of dosage and handles the document that is involved in the hospital information system. Within a short time of its launch, this platform was implemented in 10% of the Dutch hospitals and is eying to expand its presence in the UK as well.


Easee simplifies the eye checkup process. Founded in 2016, you can get your eyes tested online with this startup. It assures convenience as you get your eye checkup done right at the comfort of your home in as little as 20 minutes. All you need is just a laptop or a smartphone at a distance of 3 meters. The results will be verified by ophthalmologists verified by the platform and your prescription will be sent via email in just hours.

In a recent development, Easee received a growth capital from Nimbus Ventures. The investment is aimed at letting people undergo a fast and reliable eye test without visiting the optician.

We can expect more startups to revolutionise the eyewear industry in the future.

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