7 European hotel booking tech startups giving tough competition to Booking.com

7 European hotel booking tech startups giving tough competition to Booking.com

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With the advancement in technology, digital tools have been deployed in almost every sector. Even the entrepreneurs who want to make a difference are targeting the niches across various sectors in the business ecosystem. One such sector is travel tech and it is growing rapidly.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that travel tech is shaping up how people are looking for hotel rooms and booking the same. As people are used to finding the best deals in anything and everything, they are trying to use technology to book their hotel rooms at the lowest possible price.

To help this generation of travellers, there are many ambitious entrepreneurs who have come up with their solutions. While Booking.com, Trivago and Expedia lead the segment, there are some amazing tech startups which are transforming the sector and gunning fierce competition to these tech giants. Today we have listed some of the leading hotel booking startups from Europe which you should know about, take a look!

#1 Dayuse

Dayuse was founded by David Lebée, Eugénie Lebée and Thibaud D’Agrèves in 2010. This startup strives to handle daytime hotel bookings. Dayuse gives customers the opportunity to use the hotel room and other services that are usually available only for guests staying overnight. Its hotel booking platform lets guests book hotel rooms at discounted rates than the overnight tariff. So far, this startup has raised €17.5 million funding from Partech, Chausson Finance, Idinvest Partners, Charles Petrucelli, Jacques-Antoine Granjon and Horizon 2020 SME instrument.

#2 MyRoomIn

Paris-based MyRoomIn is a luxury hotel booking platform founded in 2015 by Jeremie Manigne and Jerome Jourdan and Marie Le Roy. MyRoomIn presents its users only with a few rooms in the luxury hotels. And, it claims that guests can get the exact room that they have chosen during the booking process. It also lets people select rooms from over 125 search criteria including room sizes, gluten-free dining options, free Wi-Fi, etc. This startup has raised €800k seed funding from Impala Group.

#3 VeryLastRoom

Founded in 2011 by Nicolas Salin and Sébastien Houzé, VeryLastRoom is a mobile app letting users book a hotel room even at the last minute. It lets hotels fill up their empty rooms and this is done by discounting the rooms that are empty. The price of hotel rooms will drop in real-time throughout the day and is touted to be the lowest at 2 AM. This startup raised €2.3 million from A Plus Finance and Sigma Gestion.

#4 DreamCheaper

Founded in 2014 by Leif Pritzel in Berlin, DreamCheaper helps customers find better deals on their existing hotel reservations and rebooks the same for them. This way, they can cancel their bookings for free and also make it up to 60% cheaper for them. It lets users save on hotels in Lisbon, Paris, London, Singapore and other cities. It has bagged €2.5 million funding from HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, TruVenturo GmbH, Global Founders Capital and NFQ Capital.



#5 Bidroom

Bidroom was founded in 2015 by Casper Knieriem and Michael Ros in Amsterdam. It is an online membership-based hotel platform with 0% booking commission and discount hotel pricing of 5% to 25%. It works with 120,000 hotels across 128 countries. It has raised €18.1 million funding on the whole from Samih Sawiris and other investors.


TRVL was founded in 2010 by Jochem Wijnands and Michel Elings in Amsterdam. It is a hotel booking platform meant for travel professionals. It is used by several small and mid-size travel managers, coordinators, business travelers and office managers. It lets them earn 6% to 10% commission on every booking after the guests checkout. TRVL has raised €4 million funding from Expedia, Affiliate Deals and TripAdvisor among others.

#7 Hotelchamp

Hotelchamp based in Amsterdam was founded in 2015 by Kasper Middelkoop and Kristian Valk. It offers hotel websites provide a better experience to the guests. Recently, Hotelchamp launched an AI Autopilot, which is aimed at customising static hotel websites using a range of marketing tools and techniques. As of now, this startup has secured €4 million funding from Investion, Marc Albert, Thomas Joosten, Nalden, Jolanda Degen and Phillippe de Knijff.

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