Amazon bets big on Alexa with new smart glasses, smart ring and truly wireless earbuds

Amazon bets big on Alexa with new smart glasses, smart ring and truly wireless earbuds

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The world of tech keeps on innovating and companies keep introducing new devices in an attempt to wow consumers. Amazon is also one such company, whose journey began as a humble online retailer for books but it soon ballooned into one of the largest Internet companies, in terms of revenue, in the world. The Seattle-based retailer has now announced a host of new devices, including updated Echo. Echo Dot, and Echo Show devices.

Amazon also unveiled several new products like Echo Frames, Loop and Buds. As the name suggests, Echo Frame is an Alexa enabled device but without any additional gimmicks like a display or a camera. Echo Loop is a smart ring that too is Alexa enabled and comes equipped with mics to pick up a user’s query. As for the Echo Buds, they are a pair of truly wireless in-ear headphones that feature Alexa integration. These new devices are all Alexa enabled and are aimed at enabling users to easily access the company’s digital assistant.

Echo Frames

As mentioned above, Amazon Echo Frames are the company’s new wearables that come integrated with Alexa. It comes equipped with mics that are used to pick up a user’s query and the device sports proprietary tech to deliver audio without needing in-ear earphones, or headphones. The company could be making use of bone conduction technology, which we have already seen on Bose Frames. There’s no camera or smart display with the glasses and they are touted to deliver 12 hours of usage. The device is priced at €164 and will be available only via invitation from Amazon.

Echo Loop

If you ever wanted to be a secret agent, a ring that you can speak into has to be a gadget on your wish list. Amazon has come up with the Echo Loop, which is something similar as it comes equipped with a mic and a built-in tiny speaker. Click a button on the device and it will vibrate to notify that you can now ask a question to Alexa and hold the ring up to your ear for hearing the smart assistant’s response. The ring costs €118 and akin to Echo Frames, it will be available only on invitational basis.

Echo Buds

Taking on Apple Airpods, Amazon has announced its own truly wireless earphones, the Echo Buds. These are quite similar to most other truly wireless earphones that are available in the market. Alongside listening to music, the device supports Alexa and is also said to withstand light water splashes. In addition, Bose and Amazon collaborated to add Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on the Echo Buds. The device is touted to offer five hours of usage and the case it comes in can hold 15 hours worth of additional charge. Priced at €118, the Echo Buds are up for pre-orders in the US. There’s currently no info on when these new devices will be made available in Europe.

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