Buzzcovery: the Dutch David that aims to beat the Google Goliath

Buzzcovery: the Dutch David that aims to beat the Google Goliath

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While most ambitious startups have the audacious dream of becoming the new Uber or AirBnB, Dutch newcomer Buzzcovery is taking it a few steps further than that: not only do they aim to get Google in their crosshairs, they are even hoping to beat the World dominating tech empire. Dumb idea or a genius plan? Let’s find out…

Smarter than Google

Buzzcovery claims to have invented a search engine that’s smarter than Google. The site is live as of today, November 8th.  A team of Dutch scientists and engineers has designed it in cooperation with a team of mathematicians from Belarus. The main difference with Google is that Buzzcovery is supposed to produce more relevant links and leave out the useless links to sites where the word you search for just happens to be mentioned. Founder Herman Vissia explains: “A few years back I thought: ‘What good is it to have 125.000 search results? Why would you want to see all results that have your search keyword mentioned? That’s why I started Buzzcovery with a team of whizkids”.

Hyperintelligent Business Brain

The way Buzzcovery works is that it will produce relevant facts, trends and insights about any topic you search for. The company claims that BuzzCovery is linguistically unrivaled: it processes all content, regardless of the language it has been written in. The audacious startup describes their product as a “Hyperintelligent Business Brain”. This should provider smarter access to relevant information, which should connect a mass audience with science and journalism. Buzzcovery is also aimed at business professionals, as the founders claim it is an useful tool for exploring new business opportunities.

Information Freedom isn’t free

As Buzzcovery’s main Unique Selling Point is that they, unlike Google, are not highlighting paid ads in search results. Therefore the company needs another source of income. So unlike other search engines, Buzzcovery isn’t free: a basic subscription is 9.95 Euro per month, while a professional subscription sets you back 49.95 euro each month. There is a free trial so you can discover what the Buzz is all about for free.


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