Dutch startup Kryb aims to redefine the postal market with digital version of physical mails

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Dutch startup Kryb has launched a secure online platform for communication and data management. Featuring unique identification and data encryption, the platform enables its users to manage files, receive and send digital mail. Further, the startup claims to transform the postal market through digitalisation.

Bas Smits, the founder of Kryb, said, “Kryb wants to renew the postal market as Uber has renewed the taxi market. The traditional postal market no longer connects to the current time. With Kryb there is a reliable alternative to the guarantees that are needed in this market. There is much to be gained for entrepreneurs and business service providers in particular. Think of cost savings, sustainability and efficiency.”

 Unique and encrypted user id

The authentication of user identity is performed by a three-step verification process. Further, address and identity are linked via iDIN to a communication device like a smartphone to create a KrybID.

Efficient business communication

Kryb allows companies and individuals to send digital mails in real-time at lower costs. This makes corporate and personal communication easier, efficient and hassle-free. Further, users have control over the accessibility of the information to share. The access can be withdrawn anytime by the user unilaterally to stop the recipient from viewing the information.


The open source platform is protected through structural penetration tests. Besides, Kryb maintains its own infrastructure in spite of a cloud environment. The users only need to share links to their data with end-to-end encryption and can withdraw the access to the data at any time as mentioned above. Further, the security of the platform is guaranteed by a patented encrusted anonymisation and encryption.

Boon for SMEs and financial services

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and financial service providers are supposed to get benefited greatly by the Kryb platform. These companies require sending bundles of physical business mails on a daily basis. These documents carry sensitive personal information and are to be sent to the authorised persons at verified addresses. Kryb presents a secure, real-time and economic solution to transform physical mailing into a digital environment.

A paper-free world

Kryb’s effort to digitalise the postal system is a revolutionary stride to create a paperless society. Certainly, it is going to save thousands of trees, augment carbon cuts and steer the world towards a green ecosystem.

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