Facebook launches Threads from Instagram: Here’s how to set-up and all you need to know

Facebook launches Threads from Instagram: Here’s how to set-up and all you need to know

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Facebook surely created a buzz for some years after it was launched, but it surely did start to fizz out over time. Instagram, however, is a whole different app that is image first and now, the company has launched Threads from Instagram. The new app is also image first but is a direct messaging app for Instagram users to keep in touch with your close friends. 

Threads is slightly redundant, since Instagram also offers sending messages, and Stories to Close Friends. However, Threads can do much more. Here’s how to get started with the app and all you need to know about it. 

Downloading and setting up Threads

Android users, you can download the app here and iOS users can get it here. Once downloaded, simply boot up the app and select the account you want to use. Your group of Close Friends will be carried over to the app and you can add more on the next screen. Now, you get to modify the profiles shown in the standard camera app and since the app is camera first, it boots into the camera mode. Finally, you can turn on Auto Status, which will use location to determine what status to set for you. 

How it is different from Instagram?

While the Threads app is quite similar to Instagram, the first thing one will notice is that there’s no feed. You might be used to seeing updates from your friends when you boot up Instagram but Threads is a dedicated messaging app that is image first. This is similar to how Facebook created a separate app for messaging called Messenger. The Threads app boots up into the camera and one can click an image and share it with their list of close friends. Additionally, while there is no feed like Instagram, one can view their friends’ Stories.

Accessing chats and media

Since Threads boots up into the camera app, you can simply swipe down to access chats that are in your Instagram Direct. Swiping up on the camera screen will open the gallery so that one can select an image or a video to their friends or put it up as a Story. When the camera is open, there’s a button to snap images on the bottom left corner and beside it sit icons of some of your close friends whom you can instantly send an image or long press the shutter icon to send a video. 

Disappearing images!

All media sent to your close friends via Direct can be viewed twice before it disappears. There’s also an option to select the option ‘View Once’ so that the image is deleted once after it is viewed. The same feature is rumoured to be under testing for WhatsApp. The feature is borrowed from the popular messaging app Snapchat, which also deletes an image moments after it is viewed. 

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