Looking for a job in Zurich? Here are 10 tech startups to work for in 2019

Looking for a job in Zurich? Here are 10 tech startups to work for in 2019

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Zurich is witnessing some important innovations in the field of technology with numerous digital, fintech and medical startups. It offers a thriving platform for startups and entrepreneurs. It is one of the world’s largest gold trading centres and is home to several largest fintech firms. Also, there are IT hubs with tech giants such as Google and IBM.

The startup scene in this city in Switzerland is quite healthy and many companies are hiring new and fresh talent. If you are looking for a job in the bustling startup ecosystem in this city, then here are some tech startups to look out for in 2019 with inputs from Dealroom.


Founders – Ardian Gjeloshi, Robert Plantak

Founded in 2015, Crowdhouse is a real estate crowdfunding platform. It lets individuals acquire shares of rental buildings by becoming co-owners and earn monthly income. The startup works with the intention of making investment in real estate easy and profitable. It also limits risk via diversification and lets users exit at any time.

Verity Studios AG

Founders – Raffaello D’Andrea

Funding – €19.3 million

Verity Studios established in 2014 brings ultra-reliable and safe autonomous indoor drones to live events and commercial applications. It one of the global leaders in indoor technology. It works with clients such as Metallica, Madison Square Garden, and Cirque du Soleil. It is a spin-off from Federal Institute of Technology.


Founders – Dominic Williams
Funding – €148 million

DFINITY launched in 2015 with the intention to build “Internet Computer”, which is a blockchain-based, non-proprietary and decentralised network to run the next-generation applications. Its approach to scalability issues is to resolve the confusion between complete decentralisation and delegating mechanics to nodes.


Founders – Marc Vontobel, Pascal Kaufmann
Funding – €19.6 million

Starmind is one of the leading AI tech companies in Europe. The startup was founded in 2010 and builds self-learning networks to access human expertise. It allows organisations to gather company knowledge irrespective of the existing organisational boundaries and make it available to all employees in real-time.


Founders – Lea von Bidder, Pascal Koenig, Peter Stein, Philipp Tholen
Funding – €41.2 million

Founded in 2014, Ava won the Swiss Startups Awards in 2017 and Best of Baby Tech CES 2017 award. The startup has developed a fertility tracking sensor bracelet helping women find out their fertile days with an accuracy of 90%. The bracelet tracks nine physiological parameters such as pulse rate, heat loss temperature and more to provide accurate data.


Founders – Viktor Calabro
Funding – €39.1 million

Coople is an on-demand staffing platform founded in 2009. It is an AI-powered platform matching workers looking for flexible jobs with employers who want temporary staff on short notice. This startup aims to provide a comprehensive workflow for companies from recruiting to planning to workforce manage and payroll processing. It currently has over 310,000 registered workers and over 14,000 businesses in the UK and Switzerland.


Founders – Basil Weibel, Elias Kleimann, Maximilian Boosfeld
Funding – €8.1 million

Wingtra established in 2016 has developed an aerial robot, which can fly like a plane. It can take off and land vertically and can be used to gather aerial data of assets, surveying and mapping. The startup’s first autonomous drone is dubbed WingtraOne after years of meticulous research at the Autonomous Systems Lab in Zurich.


Founders – Christian Floerkemeier, Christof Roduner, Samuel Mueller
Funding – €39.1 million

Mobile computer vision startup Scandit was founded in 2009. It scans products to incorporate them in IoT (Internet of Things). It’s technology to create mobile apps to manage enterprise workflow including mobile shopping, self-checkout, mobile point of sale, proof of delivery and inventory management is used across several industries. It has gone beyond barcodes by letting users capture and decode text, objects and other visual identifiers.


Founders – Cristian Grossmann, Flavio Pfaffhauser
Funding – €23.6 million

Beekeeper is one of the leading employee communications platform founded in 2012. It’s communication app aims to connect and empower the workforce including non-desk employees anytime and anywhere. The communication app from this startup was designed for employees working at night, non-desk jobs and do not have a corporate email address across several industries.


Founders – Michael Berthold
Funding – €20 million

Founded in 2008, KNIME is opening up previously closed and exclusive platforms, tools, processes and organisational boundaries. It handles idea sourcing as well, which speeds up innovation and reduces risk. The startup offers data analytics solutions across sectors such as finance, social media and retail.

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