New in Stockholm? These are the coolest tech startups to work for in 2019

New in Stockholm? These are the coolest tech startups to work for in 2019

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Sweden is one of the most active startup ecosystems in Europe. Belonging to the Nordics, this country has many startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. And, these tech startups have received noticeable investments in recent years.

Talking about Swedish startups, there are many in Stockholm. In fact, the city has made its way to the list of the top European cities for tech companies occupying the second spot. It is also the birthplace of unicorns such as Spotify, the streaming service. So, if you are looking for a job in Stockholm, then here are ten startups curated from Dealroom that you should try out.


Founders – Douglas Stark, Filip Lindvall, Fredrik Hjelm
Funding – €76.4 million

Founded in 2018, VOI Technology is an electric scooter sharing startup. It operates with the intention to provide an affordable and sustainable way for its users to commute. It aims to reduce the carbon footprint. The startup is present in a slew of cities including Stockholm, Madrid, Gothenburg, Malaga, Lisbon and Zaragoza. It has over 150,000 registered users and is in plans to expand into France and Italy too.


Founders – Peter Carlsson, Paolo Cerruti
Funding – €50.8 million

Northvolt was established in 2016 to reduce the dependence on batteries from South Korea and China as European car manufacturers are under increasing pressure to curb vehicle emissions. The energy tech startup covers a supply and technology partnership with ABB Technology Ventures to support research and development.


Founders – Filip Lilja, Linnéa Kornehed, Robert Falck
Funding – €4.5 million

Einride was launched in 2016 and has developed fully electric and autonomous logging trucks dubbed as T-Log and T-Pod. These are electric self-driving cargo trucks that can be controlled remotely by drivers. It was one of the most innovative tech startups at CES 2019.


Founders – Jonas Tellander, Jon Hauksson
Funding – €90k

Storytel is one of the fast-growing audio books company that has expanded into several new markets since its launch in 2005. It is available in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Holland, Spain, India and Russia. It consists of two business areas – streaming and publishing. The former is a subscription-based service that offers e-books and audiobooks.


Founders – Caroline Fjellner, Peder Nordvaller
Funding – €1.4 million

Established in 2014, &frankly is a cloud-based service that is aimed at making workplaces better. It gives a new way to measure and trigger engagement at workplaces. It gives employers and managers an innovative tool to check the pulse of employees and guide them towards a positive direction. It works with the intention to bring a smile on the face of people at work.


Founders – Mats Lindstrand

FRISQ is an innovative healthtech startup started in 2009. It provides valuable services and access to healthcare information and aims to empower patients and their caretakers. It has developed a system, which makes it easy for individuals, healthcare professionals and pharmacies share information. It helps patients better understand how the treatment works.


Founders – Henrik Rosvall, Joel Broms Brosjö, Johan Hemminger, Johan Stahle
Funding – €4.6 million

Dreams founded in 2013 is an app that is built to offer people a new way to save. It offers a new generation of financial services that are more friendly than conventional banking services. It offers cutting-edge tech solutions that make its savings app reach more people. As its name indicates, it lets dreamers achieve their financial goals.


Founders – Andreas Yannelos, Egil Bergenlind, Sebastian Norling
Funding – €6 million

DPOrganizer was started in 2015 and offers a SaaS solution that helps businesses grow and live with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It works with customers spread across 17 countries. It offers a data protection management software helping businesses map, manage and visualise processing of personal data.


Founders – Andreas Lee, Sarah Lee, Thor Olof Philogène, Anders Örbom
Funding – €5.6 million

Launched in 2017, Stravito offers a SaaS solution with the intention to help global consumer packaged goods companies come together, structure and search their market intelligence. This way, companies can make better data-driven as well as strategic decisions. It’s service is similar to an internal search engine where the businesses’ marketing and sales intelligence data are stored in the cloud so that these are searchable and accessible for the global workforce.


Founders – Luka Crnkovic-Friis, Måns Erlandsson
Funding – €34.3 million

Peltarion founded in 2005 operates with the mission to make AI technology affordable and usable for non-profit organisations, businesses and governments. It believes that by making AI accessible, it can solve real-life problems such as disease diagnosis and food distribution quickly. This startup’s Operational AI platform makes building and deploying AI services and products faster, easier and more affordable.

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