Nuclear power for your b2b-startup: 5 reasons why you should join the Comet Competition

Nuclear power for your b2b-startup: 5 reasons why you should join the Comet Competition

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With cash prizes, a global summit to attend and a worldwide network of partners waiting for your idea, the yearly Comet Competition offers some great chances for early-stage startups. Are you an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that is about to disrupt the market? Then you can apply now at global software distributor Ingram Micro to compete in the competition.

Comet Competition by Ingram Micro

The Comet Competition is a yearly event held by Ingram Micro. As the worlds’ largest distributor of IT-products, it’s currently operating in over 60 countries and has an expansive marketplace in which it partners with companies like Microsoft, Apple, Cisco and many more. But it is not only big names they are looking for. Ingram Micro recognizes that true innovation sometimes comes from unexpected companies. So they’re organizing the Comet Competition to support good ideas with money, knowledge and networking and give disruptive startups the chance to rise to the global stage.

From the Benelux startups that sign up for the Comet Competition, an independent jury will pick the best ideas to pitch at a local event in November, after which the winner will win a cash prize and a spot in the global finale next year. “This competition is a unique chance for ISV’s that need support to scale up locally and globally,” says Tim Huygen, Ingram Micro’s Strategic Account Manager for the Benelux. “We’re really looking for disruptive technology that makes the world of a b2b-organisation a lot easier. It has to be something that eases the experience of the end-user in a completely new and innovative way.” So why should you consider to sign up for this competition?

1: To expand your network

As a worldwide distributor of IT-products, for Ingram Micro it is all about contact with their vendors and clients. And rest assured that as a Fortune 500 company, they have an expansive network to work with. You can gain access to Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace, which is now being used by more than 55.000 technology reseller partners around the world to manage nearly four million fully-automated seats for leading cloud solutions like Office365, GSuite, Dropbox, Docusign and up and coming startups. So by making your mark in the Comet Competition, your business will get all the opportunity for global expansion. If you feel like your startup needs a network that is worthy of a Fortune 500 company, then this is your chance.

2: To gain insights and knowledge

For the Comet Competition, Ingram Micro has partnered with Microsoft’s global startup program, Microsoft for Startups. This global program is designed to help startups quickly scale by providing access to Microsoft Azure, technical support, and sales. In the Comet Competition, they will be involved in the judging and offer some sweet additional prizes.

3: To get ‘nuclear fuel’ for your business, like Pixm did

This is the second time Ingram Micro organises their Comet Competition. Last year’s winner was startup Pixm. Their innovative technology leverages ai, deep learning and computer vision to detect phishing attacks in real-time. Pixm founder Arun Buduri says he has been totally ‘blessed’ after winning the competition: “Between getting our team of three in front of thousands of potential customers while bringing our customer acquisition cost down to nearly zero, we couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Ingram Micro. I like to say Comet was ‘nuclear fuel’ for our business.”

4: To win money, no strings attached

It’s not only about gaining insights and expanding your network. If it is about the money, then the Comet Competition is the right place. Ingram Micro has $5 million ready to spend on the best startups. In the Benelux competition, that means the business with the best proposition takes home $100.000 in marketing funds. The three runners up will receive a nice $50.000. The winner will also be competing on the global stage on the Cloud Summit in Miami next year, where there will be $1 million in equity free prize money on the line.

5: To get a spot at the world’s largest cloud summit

Maybe just as important as the prize money, will be the invite for the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit. The winner of the Benelux Comet Competition will be guaranteed a free spot on one of the world’s largest and most important cloud conferences. The next Ingram Micro Cloud Summit will be held in May 2020 in Miami, Florida. It offers a unique chance for your early stage IT-businesses to connect with important players from all over the world. You can’t put a price on that kind of exposure.

Register now for the Comet Competition

Registration for the Ingram Micro Comet Competition is now open for every early stage startup with a yearly turnover of less than $10 million. Particularly businesses in cybersecurity, infrastructure, IaaS management, middleware, manufacturing tech, retail tech, collaboration tech, IoT or fintech; if you offer an innovative solution, the Comet Competition can provide you with the nuclear fuel to launch your business onto the worldwide stage. Apply now, registrations end on September 30th.

This article is produced in collaboration with Ingram Micro. Read more about our partnering opportunities.

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