Data Protection Day 2019: 10 most innovative cybersecurity scaleups in Europe

Data Protection Day 2019: 10 most innovative cybersecurity scaleups in Europe

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Data is the new oil and digital revolution is happening all around us. In fact, the new technological innovations have tremendously changed the way our personal data is being gathered and processed.

In this context, Europe celebrates Jan 28th as Data Protection Day in order to raise awareness among business and users about the importance of protecting the privacy of personal and professional information in the digital world.

On this international occasion, here’s a compiled list of ten European scaleups that offer the most innovative solutions for data protection in each aspect of today’s world. Notably, these scaleups have been supported by Europe’s leading accelerator, the EIT Digital and completely deserve your attention!

#1 App Ray (Austria)

Headquartered in Vienna, App-Ray provides a fully automated security analysis tool designed for mobile applications. The scaleup scans and detects vulnerability to hacking, data leaks, malicious code and other threats.

App-Ray maps data flows and identifies data leakage threats before you would put your data at risk. Their advanced technology satisfies even military and government-level requirements.

#2 Baffin Bay Networks (Sweden)

Baffin Bay Networks is a Swedish cybersecurity company that delivers cloud-based security platform for network and application attacks prevention. Founded by Joakim Sundberg, Baffin Bay Networks prevents attackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities and provides real-time logging on attempted attacks.

The customers’ internet traffic is brought to the TPCs where it gets analysed and cleaned. The cleaned traffic is then forwarded to the customers’ site, which can reside on their own premises or hosted in the cloud. Baffin Bay Networks has raised a total of € 6.6M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jun 28, 2018, from a Series A round.

#3 CyberTrap (Austria)

Founded by Avi Kravitz, CyberTrap offers advanced deception technology to keep IT-infrastructure safe and secure. Instead of blocking attackers, CyberTrap leads them into a contained, monitored environment to track them inside the network to gather intelligence. Thanks to the CyberTrap technology, the attackers not only indicate weak points but also who they are and what they are looking for.

#4 DigiFlak (Estonia)

DigiFlak is the leader of a new innovative approach to data security management. Founded by Maxim Kostin in 2013, the scaleup helps companies and individuals to easily manage and fully protect digital identities, sensitive information and network connections with a personal USB/NFC-connected device called Flak Secuter.

It implements strong multifactor and password-less user’s authentication on social and corporate WEB-resources, secures user’s traffic in a real-time mode, creates VPN in one click, prevents phishing and fraud attacks, encrypts and signs user’s data, manages passwords and certificates in an isolated environment and many other.

#5 Electronic IDentification (Spain)

This tech scaleup has developed VideoID, a patented identity verification solution that combines video in streaming and Artificial Intelligence to identify customers in seconds, from any country with any ID document.

It runs on any device and has the same level of technical security and legal compliance as face-to-face identification. AI and Machine Learning algorithms together with computer vision and biometric facial recognition ensure that the person wishing to open an account or execute an online transaction is the one they claim to be.

#6 Open Cloud Factory (Spain)

Open Cloud Factory offers software solutions to provide visibility and total control over corporate networks and ensure their security. Their enterprise solution OpenNAC allows discovering all the devices that are connected to the company’s infrastructures, profiling, segmentation, and control of network access. It can reduce the impact of disruptive attacks and respond to regulatory requirements.

#7 Origone (France)

Origone has developed ORISECURE, an integrated cybersecurity platform that protects the entire IT assets and infrastructure (e.g. mail gateways, web servers) from threats with a single, military-grade solution. Augmented with Artificial Intelligence and cognitive algorithms, the ORISECURE’s platform dis-assembles and sanitises every incoming message and attachment before it is opened, ensuring that clients are immune to havoc-causing malware cyber-attacks.

#8 PiwikPro (Poland)

Founded by Maciej Zawadzinski, Matthieu Aubry and Piotr Korzeniowski, PiwikPro is an analytics and customer data platform tailored to the individual needs of enterprise clients. It allows marketers, product managers and data analysts to understand customer behaviour, improve user experience and conversion rates of digital products, and optimise online marketing activities.

Piwik PRO has raised a total of €2M in funding over 1 round. This was a Series A round raised on Mar 17, 2017.

#9 redborder (Spain)

redborder is an Open Source network visibility, data analytics, and cybersecurity Big Data solution that is scalable up to the needs of enterprise networks and service providers. Founded by Jaime Nebrera, redborder’s solution is scalable to the needs of Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems and industrial networks.

Its crowd-sourced threat intelligence allows the platform to analyse, exploit, secure, and manage data from IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) vendor protocols for making decisions in real time.

#10 Smart Global Privacy (France)

Smart Global Privacy was founded by professionals in the management and security of personal data to help organizations become compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. It offers compliance implementation guidance, audit, access to the legal documents covering 28 countries and a marketplace where all service providers and vendors of GDPR solutions can be found.

This article is based on an article written by Luisa Sieveking (EIT Digital).

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