StartDock opens new co-working space in Rotterdam, to host Pitch4Capital funding event on March 26

StartDock opens new co-working space in Rotterdam, to host Pitch4Capital funding event on March 26

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StartDock opens a new co-working office in the historic Rotterdam Scheepsvaartkwartier. At the monumental Westplein, which remained intact during the war, 1,428m2 of office space is available for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups. The concept is quite simple: per profession, there is only one tenant in each building. This way, companies complement each other instead of competing with each other. Therefore, there is never more than one bookkeeper or video production company per office.

StartDock is a co-working office with offices in monumental, historic buildings in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. StartDock was founded by Thom Wernke, Stephan van Eken and Johan Assink. StartDock also wants to manifest itself as a community.

“Many locals know this chic part of the city, which seems to be reserved only for bankers and lawyers. Because of exactly that frustration, we founded StartDock. Look at this office: who wouldn’t want to work in such a stately, historic building? That first tenants of 21 years old have already registered. That proves that we make the Scheepsvaartkwartier accessible”, says Thom Wernke, the co-founder of StartDock.

Pitch4Capital on March 26

StartDock organises Pitch4Capital, an event where startups pitch for funding. Every month it organizes Pitch4Capital, an event where startups can raise funding through a pitch for investors. The first edition of Pitch4Capital in the Rotterdam office will take place on March 26th.

“StartDock is a cooperating community. Here entrepreneurs and companies come together, on a base of fundamentals such as growth, friendship, complementarity and entrepreneurship. That is why we protect expertise: if there is a bookkeeper tenant, no second bookkeeper will rent an office in the same building. That is how the ecosystem adds value,” said Wernke.

StartDock also wants to be of value to the tenants in a different way. “We organise Pitch4Capital every month. This is an event where startups pitch for investors. On March 26th, the first edition of Pitch4Capital will take place in Rotterdam. Therefore, we offer startups and investors not only an accommodation but also a platform,” he added.

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