10 best tech business ideas you can get from these successful Dutch startups in 2019

10 best tech business ideas you can get from these successful Dutch startups in 2019

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The first half of 2019 might have gone by in a jiffy, but there were numerous startups that managed to catch our attention. From making sustainable meat substitutes to modern social networking to new age e-commerce, startups this year were able to establish themselves in numerous areas. If you are looking for some inspiration and ideas, look no further because here, we are listing 10 best tech business ideas you can get from these successful Dutch startups this year.

Vegan meat 

Vegan meat or sustainable alternative to traditional meat sources is a hot space right now. There are multiple startups working on creating meat substitutes and Meatless is one of them. The Netherlands-based startup produces vegetable textured products that can be used in numerous processed food products. Used as raw materials in vegan/vegetarian food production, the raw materials are free of preservatives, colouring agents, artificial binders and flavour enhancers.


While chatbots were once looked down upon while surfing the internet or in a chat room, they are now being used to change businesses and lives. The Dutch healthtech startup Nori Health offers an AI-based chatbot to help IBD patients. However, the Nori Health chatbot program is unlike other chatbots as it takes the lead by mapping lifestyle patterns and suggesting changes. Then, chatbots are also being used in customer service to automate repetitive conversations to help conserve time for companies and to improve customer satisfaction. For example, GetJenny’s AI chatbot is touted to improve customer satisfaction by reducing queue times significantly by handling multiple conversations simultaneously.

Plastic alternatives

The world might soon be overrun by plastic waste if some action is not taken to change our habits to be more sustainable. Numerous startups are working on coming up with alternatives to plastic like Dopper. The startup aims to actively reduce single-use plastic waste with its sustainable design for water bottles and Increasing access to safe drinking water for people around the world.

Last mile mobility

Short commutes that are usually intra-city can be not only time-consuming but also have a serious impact on the environment. Changing the scene are environment-friendly last-mile mobility Dutch startups like Felyx and Dott. Felyx’s e-scooters are completely electric and run entirely on renewable energy. As per the company, in 2017, their e-scooters in the Netherlands have travelled over 2.6 million km and saved over 170 tonnes of CO2. Similarly, the Amsterdam-based startup Dott offers dockless, shared electrical scooters and bikes that help inner cities be free of cars and pollution. 

Personal health 

Using tech for fixing health issues is nothing new but companies have come up with ways to incorporate AI and ML to enhance the process. The Amsterdam online eye-test startup Easee offers fast and reliable online eye test without having to visit an optician. There’s also the startup Sleep.ai that offers Mobile Health solutions to help diagnose and monitor sleep issues. 

Sustainable living 

Currently, sustainability is the name of the game. Using fewer resources, recycling or coming up with innovative ways to bring down the impact of our actions on the environment is the need of the hour. There are many areas here, where a startup can operate. Project Cece is a Dutch startup that is working hard to bring sustainable clothing in everyone’s reach. The company has a website that aggregates ethical clothing items from sustainable webshops, making it easier for people to buy sustainable clothing. Krusli is another sustainable living startup that is tackling food wastage by creating breakfast products from waste streams like brewers grain, wheat bran, chips and nuts that are still perfectly usable.

Social networking 

Social networking is bound to change as we currently know it. After Facebook’s numerous data leak scandals, startups working on alternatives sprung up with a prime focus on privacy. OpenBook aims to be the first social network alternative to Facebook for users. The open-source and privacy-friendly social network is said to conduct zero-tracking of its users. Meanwhile, there are other types of social networking apps like Crowdynews, which use AI-powered user-generated content curation to help companies engage with their audience. 

Online dating 

With the advent of the internet, people have become more comfortable in chatting online with others before meeting up. The dating space has also changed with startups like The Inner Circle and Go Crush. The Inner Circle is an extremely selective dating app that hosts offline events for its members so that they can get to know each other better. However, it is known for having a long waiting list for users who want to join it. The startup GoCrush eliminates unnecessary wait by enabling people to meet directly in real life as a group. 

Travel and booking

While most of us are familiar with the immensely popular startup-success Airbnb, there are multiple other companies that are just starting out but are making waves in the travel and booking industry. The startup Bidroom is touted to be the world’s first commission-free service that saves revenue for hotels while offering best-deal hotel prices for frequent travellers. Amsterdam-based travel startup Bohemian Birds is also another budding travel startup whose mission is to help 100,000 people go through their bucket list. 


It doesn’t come as a surprise that most things that we require are bought online. Thanks to easily accessible internet and e-commerce portals, we can now shop anything we want online. The e-commerce space is a great place for innovative startups like The Next Closet, which is a second-hand marketplace for designer fashion products, which are sold at a considerably lower price. One can also sell their own items on the platform.

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