10 inspiring women-led tech startups from Europe to watch out for in 2019

10 inspiring women-led tech startups from Europe to watch out for in 2019

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Europe’s startup sector has a diversity problem! Currently, women are under-represented, especially within the technology sector! According to Melinda Gates, the gender gap in the startup scene has more to do with historical inequalities than it does with innate ability.

However, in the last couple of years, many female tech entrepreneurs have started taking leadership roles, founding startups, and other things that are positively changing the world. In this case, a handful of the organisation is striving towards lifting the female community and forcing a market correction.

All said and done, women entrepreneurs across all industries should be celebrated and honoured. In this regard, we’ve jotted down a list of 10 women-led health tech startups from across Europe and those in the US with a presence in Europe.

Picture credit: MedTech SuperConnector

Arthronic (London)

Founder: Letizia Gionfrida

Based out of London, Arthronica is a SaaS platform to remotely diagnose arthritis using laptop/smartphone cameras combined with AI-powered software.

Picture credit: Blazar

Blazar (Paris)

Founder: Dora Sabino

This French startup acts as a platform to help oncologists, and researchers predict patient responses to cancer immunotherapy treatments.

Picture credit: ESPCI Paris

Cyprio (Paris)

Founder: Noushin Dianat

This startup redefining 3D cell culture has developed the “BioPearl technology”, a breakthrough in tissue engineering, allowing the fabrication of 3D cellular models of human livers to provide better predictive research tools for drug efficacy and toxicity screening.

Picture credit: Arfa Rehman Twitter

Eva (London)

Founder: Arfa Rehman

This health app helps people manage the effects of menopause, combining behaviouralbehavioral science, symptom tracking, and personalized health insights.

Picture credit: Women of Wearables

Luma Womb (Paris)

Founder: Loanna Haseltine

Luma Womb is harnessing low-level light therapy to increase fertility. Their patent-pending medical device helps solve infertility issues related to the thin uterine lining by using photobiomodulation to regenerate it.

Picture credit: Carla van den Bos Twitter

Meds²Go (Noordwijk, The Netherlands)

Founder: Carla van den Bos

This Dutch startup has developed cooling containers for people who rely on temperature-sensitive medicines. By extending the travel time (without charging) and measuring the temperature, the container gives people the freedom and security to travel.

Picture credit: uFraction8

uFraction8 (Falkirk, Scotland)

Founder: Monika Tomecka

uFraction8 develops novel filters to help bio-manufacturers, who grow biological cells (yeast, bacteria, micro-algae, mammalian cells) for products (food and drink, feed, bio-chemicals, medicines), to harvest cells with sustainable and scalable technology outcompeting conventional filters and centrifuges.

Picture Credit: Wellola

Wellola (Dublin, Ireland)

Founder: Sonia Neary

This SaaS platform provides clinics with the technology to conduct patients’ secure e-visits and has built-in messaging systems, online payment processing, and more.

Picture credit: Cardiomo

Cardiomo (NYC, United States)

Founder: Ksenia Belkina

Headquartered in NYC, this platform is an AI-based solution in cardiac patient monitoring. This wearable device and analytic system remotely monitor patient vitals using biosensors and AI to detect cardiac events with 99.63% accuracy. This startup has a presence in Europe as well.

Picture credit: Forte

FORTË (NYC, United States)

Founder: Lauren Foundos

FORTË is a platform that provides access to boutique fitness studio classes coached by leading health and fitness experts worldwide.

Women Who Tech is one such non-profit organisation, working towards the vision of changing the world by bringing together women, breaking new ground in technology. It is organising European-leg of its flagship Women Startup Challenge on 7th October at Paris City Hall, Hôtel de Ville.

The above ten finalists will pitch their ventures to esteemed investors and global health leaders, competing for an equity-free $50,000 cash grant, one-on-one mentoring with investors, among other critical startup services.

The program is supported by Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS and Craig Newmark Philanthropies and are co-hosted by the Office of the Mayor of Paris.

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