10 London startups that got the highest funding this month

10 London startups that got the highest funding this month

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London is one of the exceptional cities for startup development. It is a leading tech startup hub in Europe. London is known for its massive international talent, an immense flow of capital and presence of accelerators and tech events. Also, there is great support from the government in the city making it a rapidly growing startup ecosystem not only in Europe but also in the world.

The British capital attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world to establish their company and also grow their existing business. Today, we present you 10 London-based startups across categories that got the most funding so far this month.

#1 OakNorth (Funding – €389 million)

OakNorth was founded in 2013 by Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman. It is a fintech startup that was establoished to help businesses in the UK grow. The growth is possible as it lets entrepreneurs reach their complete potential by providing customised debt finance solutions. It offers competitive personal and savings accounts, property finance and business loans. It focuses on small and medium-sized business lending. Earlier this month, OakNorth Bank raised $440 million (approximately €389 million) from SoftBank and Clermont Group.

#2 Starling Bank (Funding – €85.5 million)

London-based Starling Bank founded in 2014 by Anne Boden is a digital platform offering real-time, seamless and secure banking experience. It maintains over 460,000 personal current accounts and 30,000 SME accounts. It offers lending, business banking, budgeting, money transfers and saving tools to its users. It is an integrated digital marketplace offering access to third-party financial services. It raised €85.5 million funding from Harald McPike and Merian Global Investors.

#3 Rapyd (Funding – €36.4 million)

Rapyd, a fintech startup based in UK was founded in 2015 by Arik Shtilman. It has offices in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, London and Singapore. Rapyd helps businesses by offering them with a fintech-as-a-service platform and facilities bank transfers, e-wallets and cash via a single API. It works with the world’s largest local payments networks and connects over 2 billion global users. Recently, this fintech startup raised $40 million (approximately €35 million) in Series B funding round from Stripe, General Catalyst, Target Global and IGNIA.

#4 Bud (Funding – €17 million)

London-based fintech startup Bud assists banks integrate their apps as well as data to other fintech companies and service providers. Founded in 2016 by Edward Maslaveckas and George Dunning. Initially, it was founded as an app that makes financial services accessible via an aggregated interface. Later, it transformed into the face of finance for fintech companies by finding out new and smarter distribution channels for products. Earlier this month, Bud raised $20 million (approximately €17 million) from HSBC, Goldman Sachs, ANZ, INVC and InnoCells.

#5 Student.com (Funding – €8.85 million)

Student.com, an online student accommodation startup was introduced in 2011 by Shakil Khan, JP Jones and Luke Nolan. It was aimed at the Asian students coming to Europe. Now, it has become the largest student accommodation marketplace helping students find accommodation. A few days back, Student.com raised $10 million (approximately €8.85 million) from CITIC Capital.

#6 Spektrix (Funding – €6 million)

UK’s leading provider of cloud-based ticketing, fundraising and marketing software for arts, Spektrix was founded in 2007 by Matt Scarisbrick and Michael Nabarro. It was a pioneer in bringing cloud technology to arts and is a leading SaaS solution in the UK. Furthermore, it has been recognised as one of the fastest growing technology companies in UK by FT Future 100 and Sunday Times TechTrack 100. The startup raised £5 million (approximately €6 million) growth capital from Foresight Group to accelerate its product development and international expansion, especially in North America.

#7 DataSine (Funding – €4.6 million)

DataSine is an AI-driven marketing communication customisation startup based in London. It was established in 2015 by Chris Loy, Igor Volzhanin and James Gin. Its AI-based marketing personalisation solutions empower businesses by increasing CTRs, customer engagement and sales. It integrates machine learning and behavioural data of customers to create personal profiles and let marketers exercise precise marketing communications.

In a recent move, DataSine secured £4 million (nearly €4.6 million) in Series A round from Pentech and Propel Venture Partners, Cathay Innovation and Twin Ventures.

#8 Vortexa (Funding – €4.3 million)

Vortexa, an AI-based energy intelligence provider based in London was founded in 2016 by Fabio Kuhn. The startup uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse retail-time and global trade flow for refined and crude products. It builds machine learning models with its extensive domain expertise and access to datasets from respected industry partners. It raised $5 million (approximately €4.3 million) Series A funding from Notion Capital and Mosaic Ventures.

#9 Festicket (Funding – €4 million)

Festicket was launched in 2012 by Zack Sabban and Jonathan Younes. It makes booking festival experiences in Europe simpler similar to booking a holiday. It lets users find and book festival tickets and plan the travel itinerary as well. The UK-based festival booking platform has raised $4.6 million (nearly €4.03 million) funding in a recent move from Edge Investments.

#10 DeepCrawl (Funding – €2.7 million)

Founded in 2010 by Michal Magdziarz, Chris Evans and Matt Jones, DeepCrawl is a London-based web crawler and marketing insights platform offering a suite of leading SEO software products that will analyse the performance of a site. Recently, DeepCrawl raised £2.4 million (nearly €2.7 million) funding from Beringea.

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