10 potentially game-changing wearable startups in Europe right now

10 potentially game-changing wearable startups in Europe right now

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For some decades now, Europe has been the home ground for the development for many innovative solutions that have changed the world.  Rewinding a few years back, wearable technologies was limited to virtual-reality headsets or early adopters or tech developers.

In fact, the rise of wearable technology from fitness trackers to wearable sensor-laden suit that teaches robots to replicate our action has been accelerated by none other than technology’s tendency to get faster and smaller at the same time. While we are wearing technology outside our body right now, perhaps, in the future may be, we will be having it inside our body too.

Here’s a quick run through of some of the more interesting and unique wearables startup that we think you should be keeping an eye on in 2019. For sure, these folks aren’t messing around!

Wandlebots (Germany)

Based out of Germany, Wandelbots develops a wearable sensor-laden suit that enables user to demonstrate actions for a robot to replicate. With the sensors attached to clothes, the Wandelbots software tracks human motion to live-control industrial robots. The software backend builds a machine learning model based on several demonstrations and generates automation workflows. Founded in 2017, Wandelbots has raised a total of €6M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Dec 13, 2018, from a Series A round.

8sense (Germany)

Founded by Christoph Tischner and Ralf Seeland in 2016, 8sense system is an innovative back-coach and wearable device, that gives constant feedback on user’s posture, allowing him to strengthen or relieve back muscles and improve muscle memory.  The system is supported by advanced estimation algorithms and feedback is given in real-time, which promotes users’ adherence.

Oura ring  (Finland)

Founded by Kari Kivela, Markku Koskela, Petteri Lahtela, Oura is a pioneering sleep performance platform, focused on improving sleep. With the Oura ring and app, it gives users daily feedback to improve their health, allowing users to better understand their body and reach their goals. Based out of Finland, ŌURA has raised a total of $33.6M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Dec 3, 2018, from a Venture – Series Unknown round.

Racefox  (Sweden)

This Stockholm-based company Racefox is a digital skiing coach that analyzes movements to find one’s potential in order to take them to the next level. It has a real-time artificial intelligence algorithm, which allows us to give users unique and immediate feedback.

Sensome  (France)

Founded by Abdul Barakat and Franz Bozsak, Sensome develops a breakthrough remote monitoring technology that can turn invasive vascular medical devices into connected healthcare devices. The company’s patent-pending sensor technology overcomes the limitations of vascular imaging techniques used in both interventions and patient follow-up. Based out of France, the team is currently developing vascular access devices equipped with proprietary sensor technology.

Lifee (Sweden)

Based out of Sweden, Lifee offers a complete eco-system with a wristband in an attempt to benefit individuals and society as a whole. Founded by Hanna Johansson, Henning Hall, Niklas Wigertz Danielsson, Patrik Jutterström, and Tomas Ahlström in 2015, the company focus on making positive contributions to society.

Withings (France)

Founded by Cedric Hutchings and Eric Carreel, Withings creates easy-to-use smart products and apps to track their health. Right now, the company has an ecosystem of connected health devices and apps include a range of smart scales designed to help fulfil fitness and weight goals, a family of activity trackers and hybrid smartwatches, a sleep-tracking mat, and medical devices for easy and effective blood pressure and temperature monitoring. Devices sync automatically with the free Health Mate app, where people can track progress, get advice, and share data with their doctors. Based out of France, Withings has raised a total of $33.8M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jul 17, 2013, from a Series B round.

Ava (Switzerland)

Based out of Zurich, Ava is a patented multi-sensor bracelet, which allows women to precisely and conveniently predict fertile days. Founded by Lea von Bidder, Pascal Koenig, Peter Stein, Philipp Tholen, it has a sensor bracelet, an app and a backend with self-learning algorithms for interpretation of hormonal changes, accurate ovulation tracking and screening of women’s health issue. Ava has raised a total of $42.4M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on May 30, 2018, from a Series B round.

Life Plus (France)

Based out of Paris, Life Plus develops a health/activity/safety connected watch for elderly people. It allows the activity to be monitored by measuring precise physiological parameters. In case of a problem, the watch transmits alerts to the caregivers or the care call centre without using an internet home connection or a smartphone.

Sleep.ai (The Netherlands)

Sleep.ai focusses on the diagnosis and monitoring of sleeping disorders using Mobile Health (mHealth) solutions. This snoring app detects snoring and sends a signal to the Silentsleep wearable, making it vibrate. Furthermore, the app gives the option to track your progress over time, and if needed approach a medical professional in your neighbourhood.

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