12 innovative French tech startups coming to Amsterdam and Brussels

12 innovative French tech startups coming to Amsterdam and Brussels

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France is ranked second in Europe for enterprise creation (Eurostat, 2016) and Paris is home to more than 3,000 startups (EY for “La French Tech”, 2017). These figures definitely confirm the French passion for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

The French tech startup scene is on the rise. The country is re-inventing itself in the world while extending into neighbouring countries. The Netherlands and Belgium are obvious choices as most of the innovative startups are now eager to cross the border and offer their services to the capital cities of Amsterdam and Brussels.

A result of this is an exciting interactive event taking place in both the cities. The talk is about, the French Tech Days, supported by Business France, which will take place on Sep 25th and 26th. All the details of the events are shared over here.

It will be a melting pot of the latest in French tech space with 12 of the most sizzling French tech startups being present which provides a great opportunity for C-level corporates, innovation managers, marketing managers, HR departments for a meet and greet to understand their future plans and visions for Amsterdam and Brussels.

You may want to brush up on your knowledge of these unconventional French tech startups, before attending, by taking a look below.


Founded by Charles Christory in 2009, Adictiz provides a highly effective solution for advertisers and agencies through marketing games and contests as a tool to measure real results in terms of recruitment, engagement, and conversion. In fact, Adictiz Studio was recently selected by Facebook as a PMD (Preferred Marketing Developer)


This transportation company helps you in carrying your vehicle as easily as a package.

Golden Bees

It is an innovative custom-crafted advertising solution for online recruitment, using a self-learning algorithm powered by candidate data.

HNL – Heart Never Lies

This technology company with a patented algorithm is all about allowing the Networks, Platforms, Content Owners, Brands, and Manufacturers the ability to capture an individual’s emotional response to set tasks or cross-platform media experiences.


This 2-year old French startup creates a 3D solution to help people decorate and furnish their home. The company is managed by a community of around 300 architects, decorators, and designers.


This company is all about providing trust services for the protection of the digital identities of citizens, corporate employees and the internet of things.


It is a curated marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers by finding the match for every project with an easy to use search engine. Furthermore, the platform allows freelancers to display their experience, work, previous customers comments on a profile page, which let customers contact them.


It is the trusted platform to organize your shoots that offers innovative proprietary tools to optimize workflows and cost control. Ooshot is the easiest way to create visual content since they provide assistance to audiovisual production.


This company provides innovative and dedicated payment services to banks and PSPs. They develop innovative management features that make multi-channel secure payments easy. It enables businesses to accept secure electronic payment across multiple channels around the world. Paytweak is directly connected to 500 banks and PSPs.


Founded by Arnaud Muller, Saagie acts as an end-to-end data platform to extract and refine your data, to build and run AI-based applications. Saagie stands out by covering the entire data value chain while providing choice and openness.


This company provides tailor-made software solutions based on the digital platform, TIME, for businesses and financial institutions.


Toucan Toco, a French startup specialised in data storytelling and recently it has started its activity in the Dutch market. The company aims to make data accessible to as many people as possible and not just limiting to analysts and data scientists. Paris-based Toucan Toco’s solutions provide context for large amounts of data, so that, each user can quickly gain insight for his or her job. Moreover, the solutions are delivered through the cloud and provide real-time insights that help people to have an up-to-date view of the information. The company’s app is available on mobile devices through user-friendly apps.

So, what are you waiting for? Only one week is left! Come and register for the event quickly.

For further details, you can contact the Trade Advisor Tech & Services at Business France, Bastien Faugeroux at his email id – [email protected]

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