Making it big: Here are 5 Dutch tech startups that received most funding in 2018

Making it big: Here are 5 Dutch tech startups that received most funding in 2018

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The startup world may never ride the high waves always, as there are some that shut down due to lack of innovation, funding slow down and other factors. In fact, investors these days have become cautious and back startups that involve in problem-solving, and not on some local buzz.

Having said that, there are some stars of the Dutch tech startup ecosystem just proved they still possess the confidence of the investors. Talking about the funding, Dutch startups raised more than € 200 million in funding in the second quarter of 2018, followed by € 100 million in the first quarter.

Furthermore, it is being said that there will be a considerable increase in funding this year when compared to € 442 million and € 252 million in 2017 and 2016 respectively. Check out the list of companies that received most funding this year so far.

#1 Xenikos

Founded by Ypke van Oosterhout in 2009, Xenikos is a biotech company that develops alternative medicine based on the action of antibodies that offers immune strength quickly to patients. The company also aiming to develop new immunotherapy medicines to save lives. Currently, the company has raised a funding amount of $37m in three rounds.

#2 Shapeways

This company based out of Eindhoven is the largest 3D printing service in the world. In this regard, it has over 1 million creators and has printed over 10 million products. The company has factories and offices in New York, the Netherlands, and partners around the globe.

Founded by Marleen Vogelaar, Peter Weijmarshausen, Robert Schouwenburg in 2007, the company has raised a fund $107.5M in seven funding rounds.

#3 Mimetas

Mimetas is a biotech company with a total funding amount of $28.9M in four funding rounds. This company develops OrganoPlate to evaluate drugs, chemicals, and food components to prepare reliable and tailored medicines.

With OrganoPlates, the experts can test compounds in high-throughput on miniaturized organ models. The OrganoPlate platform supports 3D cell culture and membrane-free co-culture, including epithelial and endothelial boundary tissues. Mimetas is founded by Jos Joore, Paul Vulto, Thomas Hankemeier in 2013 with headquarters in Leiden.

#4 Lava Therapeutics

Lava Therapeutics is another biotech company that develops proprietary Vγ9Vδ2 T-cell engagers for selected tumor targets. It is also working on developing a cost-effective next-generation immune-oncology biopharmaceutical as well. This company has collected a total funding amount of €16M in a single funding round.

#5 Digital Insurance Group

This company that offers digital insurance experience to customers and partners like banks, brokers, media companies and others have collected a total funding amount of €15M in two funding rounds. The Amsterdam-based Digital Insurance Group was founded by Ingo Weber in 2017.

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