5 most innovative tech products by Dutch startups you’ll wish you already had

5 most innovative tech products by Dutch startups you’ll wish you already had

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In the last couple of years, the Netherlands has become a hotbed for tech startups. With home-grown tech scaleups including Booking.com, Adyen and more, no wonder Netflix and Uber opened their European headquarters in Amsterdam.

The Dutch are solution-driven and are known for their worldly innovations. The Netherlands, itself is a product of the Dutch’s core invention skills. As April is about to end, here at Silicon Canals, we have listed some crazy and unique Dutch startups who launched really innovative products recently. These tech products will make you say ‘wow’ as they aim to change the world with their unique abilities.

Take a look.

#1 Gumshoes: World’s first shoe made from recycled chewing gum

Amsterdam is prone to a lot of gum litter, every year about 1.5 million kilos of chewing gum finds its way on to the streets of the Netherlands. So, to solve this problem and create awareness among the Amsterdammers, Publicis One in collaboration with Gum-Tec developed the gumshoes for Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. They are designed by local shoebrand Explicit Wear and have the map of Amsterdam on its sole.

The Gumshoes will be sold by the end of June at Hudson’s Bay Amsterdam and on the official website of Gumshoes Amsterdam.

#2 Somnox: World’s first sleep robot

One of the coolest inventions in soft robotics, Somnox is the world’s first sleep robot to fight insomnia.

Product of a kickstarted campaign, Somnox has already started production and will be available in the market by October this year.  How does it work? The bean-shaped pillow has a breathing movement to match your own breathing pattern subconsciously and help you calm and relax. It can also play sleep-inducing sounds including lullabies, heartbeats or music. It’s a smart pillow, you help you have a good night sleep.


#3 Labfresh – World’s first stain-repellant smart t-shirts

Labfresh, a brainchild of technology enthusiasts in Amsterdam recently launched a self-cleaning smart t-shirt which repels stains, smell and body odour. Developed in Switzerland, produced in Portugal and designed in Amsterdam, these smart t-shirts from Labfresh will be available online at a price of €35.

This smart t-shirt, made of 100% long-staple cotton, repels all water-based liquids, like red wine and ketchup. It has a moisture-wicking technology on the inside which makes sure that the sweat is absorbed and spread out over the fabric so it can dry quickly, while not being visible externally.


#4 Bolt Mobility AppScooter: World’s first scooter to answer your calls and texts

Known as the ‘Tesla on two wheels,’ AppScooter is the world’s first scooter with 4G internet connection and smartphone connectivity. Reportedly said to hit the market in 2018, has a seven-inch touchscreen that has a 4G internet connection, powered by Vodafone.

The scooter can track your location, answers your calls, plays music and navigate the best routes. The user interface can also be controlled via the handlebars, meaning drivers can focus on the road.



#5 Lightyear One: World’s first fully solar-powered car

A true invention! A Dutch startup company, Lightyear has developed an electric car that can be driven for months without charging. Expected to be released in 2019, the Lightyear One car will charge itself from solar energy and will come with an efficient battery pack, which will allow you to drive anywhere — even at night.


If you like this story and want to know more tech inventions from the Benelux region, write to us in the comments section below. To read more stuff like this, stay tuned to Silicon Canals.

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