6 cool tech startups for fresh graduates looking for a job in Sweden

6 cool tech startups for fresh graduates looking for a job in Sweden

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Sweden is one of the countries that offer a platform for innovation. It is the birthplace of globally acclaimed companies including Volvo, Spotify, Ericsson and IKEA. With a motivating, engaging and innovative platform, Stockholm in Sweden offers a great startup scene for the ambitious and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Also, Sweden is home to well-known universities that attract students from other countries across the world. Given this combination of business and education, international students can establish a career in the country itself.

So, here have listed 6 cool tech startups in Sweden that are great options for the students to work for after their graduation.

#1 Cellink

Cellink was founded in 2016 by Erik Gatenholm in Gothenburg. This startup is one of the first global companies to successfully deploy 3D printers and bio-ink in order to print human skin, organ tissue and ears. It prints tumor models to develop new treatments to cure cancer. As of now, Cellink works with more than 450 labs all over the world. Till date, this startup has raised €2.9 million funding.


#2 VOI

VOI was established in 2018 by Fredrik Hjelm, Douglas Stark, Adam Jafer and Filip Lindvall in Stockholm. VOI is the first e-scooter sharing startup in Europe to go live in several countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Denmark and Sweden. It offers eco-friendly kick scooters that can be picked up and parked anywhere.

#3 Furhat Robotics

Furhat Robotics was founded in 2014 by Gabriel Skantze and Samer Al Moubayed in Stockholm. This startup has developed a social robot that can exhibit human-like expressions as well as emotions. The robot heads are designed to help organizations and businesses. Notably, a Furhat robot is deployed at Frankfurt Airport as a traffic assistant. This startup has raised overall funding of €2.3 million.

#4 AddTruly

Anna Urombi launched AddTruly in Gothenburg in the year 2014. AddTruly is an e-shopping startup that is aimed at making the world a better place. It uses digital fundraising tools to encourage customers to make charity donations to offset their online purchase. Sit matches companies with the NGO partners to ensure that employees can volunteer as they work. It has raised €200k funding to date.

#5 Grönska

Grönska was founded in 2015 by Natalie de Brun, Petter Olsson and Robin Lee in Stockholm. It was launched with the motive of sustainable food for people. It uses LED lighting and a special watering mechanism to grow vegetables and herbs for the residents of Stockholm. The interesting aspect is that Grönska skips the use of pesticides and makes the best use of the available urban space.

#6 Karma

Karma was launched in 2015 by Elsa Bernadotte, Mattis Larsson, Ludvig Berling and Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren in Stockholm. This startup aims to reduce the wastage of food. Karma tackles this issue by providing restaurants and grocery store with an online platform that can be used to sell the left-over food. Users can pick any item that they want at a discounted price. It is available the major cities in Sweden and expands to London. It has raised €14.8 million to date.

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