6 incredibly innovative Belgium startups you should definitely know

6 incredibly innovative Belgium startups you should definitely know

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If we rewind 10 years back, everyone sort of wanted to work with a huge multi-national company after their graduation. However, as per the current trend, half of them dream about having their own startup.

Having said that, the startups these days with creative, young and passionate entrepreneurs are aspiring to bring some unique propositions to the market with some out-of-box ideas. While there are multitudes of upstart emerging here and there, we have picked 6 Belgian startups that you should know about in 2018.

#1 Rombit

This Antwerp based startup has been awarded as the ‘Most Innovative International Startup of 2018’ at Bridge SF held in San Francisco recently. The Rombit provides smart solutions for the governments and the port sector.

In fact, the company has developed variety IoT applications from power management for container ships, supply chain management applications, IoT smart city parking systems and much more. Rombit is the brainchild of Jorik Rombouts, Founder, cum CEO and employs around impressive 40 people as well.

#2 RetailSonar

This RetailSonar works on Geomarketing problems providing great locations for new stores that should best be opened to maximize the profit and simultaneously identifies the one that doesn’t deliver.

It also accesses key metrics to design your optimal network. In addition to that, RetailSonar also helps in predicting the impact of investments or strategic decisions on sales, profitability, and competition. Some of the more prominent names in the Belgian retail sector, like Colruyt, Action, KBC, Torfs, Decathlon, Standaard Boekhandel, and Delhaize are the clients of RetailSonar. After six successful years in Belgium, RetailSonar is planning to expand its market starting with the Netherlands.

#3 Intuo

In simple words, Intuo is an online employee experience platform, which helps the organizations to coach and empower their employees by creating trustworthy relationships through feedback keeping the company culture intact. This Intuo platform provides a module that helps you to coach them to a more productive and motivated state.

In an attempt to expand its market, Intuo raised half a million euros, half of which was contributed by the founders (Philip De Smedt, Tim Clauwaert, and Gilles Mattelin) and the other half by existing shareholders and Telenet.

#4 Octinion

Octinion strives hards to make an impact in the agro & food industry by offering automation solutions to the customers. This company is working on mechatronic product development projects, where they presented a prototype of the fully autonomous strawberry picking robot during the International Strawberry Fair at Hoogstraten.

Furthermore, they’ve also developed autonomous platform named as Dribble, that can navigate through its own indoor GPS system

#5 eRowz

This startup company collects second-hand items from across the world and presents them in one easy to use website. According to Bart Verschueren the CEO and Co-Founder of eRowz, the company is working hard to bring order to second-hand online sales, which otherwise is chaos. In here, the data obtained are grouped, de-duplicated and the algorithms are applied to bring the best bargain in their search engine, in turn helping the visitors find the very best second-hand offers which fulfill their criteria.

#6 Yields.io

This Fintech company from Belgium called Yields.io provides computerized model monitoring and validation services to the financial sector, analyzing issues in the algorithm and converting it to actionable business insights. This provides the C-level executives the viewpoint of all model risk across the enterprises, thus bringing clarity to the specialized mathematical modeling.

The last three Belgian startup Octinion, eRowz, Yields.io has been crowned as winners at this year’s UK Digital Pitching Competition.

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