8 Dutch startups that are making logistics and transport industry smarter

8 Dutch startups that are making logistics and transport industry smarter

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A lot of users across the globe are getting accustomed to adopting more sophisticated technologies. Consequently, the business of delivering things to the home is experiencing a rapid transformation as new online platforms are racing to capture markets and consumers across various countries.

Moreover, the “Same-day-delivery” model has the potential to revolutionise the way we shop as well. However, some incumbent logistics providers have also started piloting and operating this model.

Recently, Johan van Mil, co-founder and managing partner, peak capital shared on his Linkedin page the Q4 update of Dutch online market landscape. Based on the same report, we have churned out the 8 Dutch transport tech startups rocking the industry in the Netherlands. Check out:

#1 ScanMovers

Founded by Boyan Nijpels and Maurits Koopman in 2016, ScanMovers is an independent, online & mobile platform where movers and consumers can instantly get, compare and select deals for professional moving services. Moreover, the company works with 100+ high-quality movers that place bids through a closed bidding system. Based out of Amsterdam, ScanMovers helps consumers to get price transparency and aims to provide the best moving experience possible. ScanMovers has raised a total of €500K in funding over 1 round. This was an Angel round raised on Sep 27, 2017.

#2 Shypple

Rotterdam startup Shypple established itself to make the sea and air cargo market transparent and also to make world trade accessible to more people. The company offers a web application with a simplified administrative handling and communication between parties. Founded by Jarell Habets in 2016, it has a real-time dashboard that displays the status of the shipments while offering shippers with several booking, planning and communication possibilities. On top, Shypple lists the most efficient and cost-effective routes via a user-friendly web-interface. Shypple has raised a total of €1.7M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Sep 6, 2018, from a Seed round.

#3 Brenger

Founded by Wisse and Derk in 2016, Brenger aims to change the incredibly inefficient way of transporting stuff. In order to make it more efficient, the company’s platform links your transport request to unused space in delivery vans of couriers who are already driving in that direction.

Headquartered at Amsterdam, Brenger makes better use of the 1 million vans that drive around by reducing the total Dutch CO2 emissions by 0.5%. In order to get this going, the company is working with various partners such as Marktplaats, Troostwijk Auctions, Onlineveilingmeester and many furniture stores. Brenger has raised a total of €1.6M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Oct 30, 2018, from a Venture – Series Unknown round.

#4 ParcelParcel.com

This company was founded in 2013 by people who are passionate about logistics — Bas Joustra, Carlos de Vos and Nico Veenman. This online logistics marketplace offers online shipping and comparison tools where you can compare discounted shipping rates, book shipment and save money. Based out of Naarden, ParcelParcel.com has raised a total of €200K in funding over 1 round on Sep 15, 2015.

#5 CheapCargo.com

CheapCargo founded by Andre Olde Hampsink in 2009 is a one-stop destination to find and book the best or the cheapest carrier for all your shipments. This platform offers more than 20 carriers to send parcels, pallets and documents within the Netherlands or abroad.

#6 PickThisUp

PickThisUp brings people who are looking for an affordable delivery solution in contact with private individuals, couriers and transport companies that are on the move. PickThisUp drivers deliver everything door-to-door, including the bank, seat or other relatively large or ‘difficult order. Founded by Arjen Van der Zee and Jelmer van der Zee in 2014, PickThisUp has raised a total of €170K in funding over 2 rounds with the latest funding raised on Sep 12, 2018, from a Seed round.

#7 Quicargo

Founded by Avishai Trabelsi and Roni Liberman in 2015, Quicargo provides an online marketplace for shippers & carriers to benefit from unused truck loading spaces. Moreover, this platform monitors available trucks with void space from various sources, analyses it, detects shippers needs and creates a database with essential information. Quicargo has raised a total of €4.4M in funding over 3 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Oct 15, 2018, from a Venture – Series Unknown round.

#8 KeenDelivery

KeenDelivery is the online shipping platform that focuses predominantly on ease of shipping. This platform maintains functions such as tracking a shipment based on search criteria and managing an address book in a user-friendly way. In addition to it, they offer free plugin where you can directly design shipping labels and automatically send track and trace messages.

With all said and done, the opportunities for the logistics provider ahead are indeed enormous. All they need to do is to position themselves for the forthcoming transformation and modify their existing networks accordingly.

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