A look at 10 major announcements made by French tech startups at CES 2019

A look at 10 major announcements made by French tech startups at CES 2019

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At the annual tech show, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, hundreds and thousands of startups and companies from all over the world come forward and showcase their latest cutting-edge technologies and products. The Las Vegas tech event is bustling with announcements in the field of artificial intelligence, smart home devices, self-driving cars, augmented reality, virtual reality, smart cities and 5G networks.

Numerous French startups have taken advantage of the CES show floor. The dynamic tech scene in the French business ecosystem was represented by the tech startups. These French startups have launched products that are meant to make the lives of people easier and more productive.

Today, we have come up with 10 major announcements made by the French startups at the CES 2019.

#1 Ledger launched new cryptocurrency hardware wallet Nano X

Ledger was founded in 2014 by eight techies with expertise in embedded security. The company has raised €70.1 million funding as well. At the CES 2019, the startup launched Nano X, its new cryptocurrency hardware wallet. This Bluetooth-enabled wallet is accessible from smartphones and controlled in a seamless way via the Ledger Live Mobile App.

#2 R-Pur launched anti-pollution mask R-Pur Nano

To prevent health hazards due to the exposure to pollution, French company R-Pur founded in 2016 launched the R-Pur Nano anti-pollution mask. This mask is designed for the two-wheeler riders and urban athletes. It filters the fine particulates and is touted to be of the highest European standard among respiratory masks. It will let you breathe in clean air as it will filter the toxic particles, allergens, bacteria, pollens and fine particles.

#3 Oledcomm introduced overhead light fixture LiFiMax

Founded in 2012 by Hongyu Guan, Oledcomm introduced a new overhead light fixture called LiFiMax. It uses light to provide an internet connection and requires an access point mounted to your home or office ceiling. It also has a dongle attached to the laptop or any other device. The LiFiMax provides 100Mbps internet connection spanning over 29 square metres and supporting up to 16 devices at the same time.

#4 Urgo Group came up with Urgonight headband

Urgo Group, a French startup has introduced a product that will shape up the sleep tech to a great extent. It has launched the Urgonight headband that connects to an app and is worn each week for three 20-minute sessions. The band takes an EEG of the user’s brain and presents the data on the device to help train the brain waves to behave in a specific manner.

#5 Domalys launched an app for seniors

Founded in 1990, Domalys has raised €50k investment. At the CES 2019, the company came up with a smart display designed for seniors living alone. It lets them stay in touch with their loved ones and makes it easy for them to call for help during an emergency with a press on the big red physical button at the top of the 7-inch display.

#6 Urban Canopee developed autonomous plant canopies

Urban Canopee founded in 2016 in Paris by Hubert Michaudet and Elodie Grimoin developed an autonomous and connected plant canopies. It aims to make cities more pleasant and fight against global warming. The canopies of climbing plants are grown in flexible, adaptable and lightweight frames fitted with sensors. The hydration levels and temperature of the plants and canopy can be tracked using an app. Also, there is a solar kit and a connected and intelligent irrigation system to water the plants.

#7 HiTechOne launched IoT platform Modulum

HiTechOne founded in 2009 in Occitanie by Jean-Gilles Subervie and Philippe Subervie introduced the IoT platform called Modulum. It offers a new way of thinking about the future of connected objects and makes blockchain and IoT simple. Modulum can be connected to public and private blockchain, send data to the blockchain directly and receive and process the same.

#8 Diapason offers digital treatments for tinnitus

Diapason founded by Lilian Delaveau, Catherine Soladié and Renaud Séguier offers the best treatments via a mobile app and is the first digital therapy for tinnitus. It offers a series of 3 to 5 minutes of activities every day that are personalised to generate a fast decrease in tinnitus intensity.

#9 Wizama introduced board game console SquareOne

At the CES 2019, Wizama, a French startup founded in 2017 by Franck Botta launched a new board game console called SquareOne. It is an innovative console merging the traditional board games and the video gaming feel into a unique experience. The startup won the CES Innovation Awards in the gaming category.

#10 Fasteesh launched Y-brush toothbrush

Fasteesh founded in 2016 by Christophe Cadot and Benjamin Cohen launched the Y-brush. It is a toothbrush, which cleans your teeth thoroughly in 10 seconds. The battery-run tray slots in the toothbrush and the fine nylon bristles vibrate over your teeth turning them pearly white.

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