Ahold Delhaize and TU Delft join forces: 3 ways they plan to transform Dutch retail industry through robotics

Ahold Delhaize and TU Delft join forces: 3 ways they plan to transform Dutch retail industry through robotics

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One of the leading food retailers based out of the Netherlands’, Ahold Delhaize has recently collaborated with the country’s technical educational institutions including TU Delft, RoboValley and YES! Delft to expand in the retail sector with solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and the robotics technology.

Also, this association will help Ahold Delhaize, further with its stakes in redefining technology through Artificial Intelligence for Retail (AIR) Lab Delft.

Located at Amsterdam Science Park, the AI for Retail (AIR) Lab is part of ICAI which focuses on AI innovation through public-private partnerships. It is working towards innovating intelligent products to streamline regular activities. They are also working on the chat-box technology. Notably, the primary goal of AI research is to stay relevant for the customers and users of the technology.

Here’s how the big players plan to transform the retail industry in the Netherlands and beyond.

Targeted solutions for the problem

The association aims to detect the challenges faced by users. This will be offered as an opportunity for students, partners and researchers to evolve the technology for better functionality.

Shaping Technological Society

This collaboration will facilitate the process of the ‘real world’ to create an efficient technological society. The focus is on building a society that works together effectively and safely through human interaction with the technology. Moreover, the collaboration has been addressed as a landmark in the field of AI and robotics combined with retail.

Robotics is the future

Optimising the robotic technology will redefine the entire retail chain. It will simplify the activities carried out at warehouses, stores and when delivering the required product to the customers. Along with the robotics technology, many different scientific disciplines, such as mechatronics and artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, ethics and safety, will play an important role while developing effective solutions. Further, the test site – located at RoboValley – is expected to open in early 2019. This will help researchers to partner with students and startups in order to build and test robot prototypes.

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