Albelli acquires Dutch AI-startup ReSnap, to simplify composing photo books

Albelli acquires Dutch AI-startup ReSnap, to simplify composing photo books

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Albelli, one of Europe’s leading photo product companies based in Amsterdam, has acquired Dutch digital photo book startup ReSnap. ReSnap, based in Nijmegen, applies Artificial Intelligence to enable consumers to quickly create personalized photo books of the increasingly growing amount of photos that they have. 

An easy solution

The Dutch startup was founded in 2013 by Erik-Jan Schreurs, Thomas Beguin, Luc Hendriks and Joachim den Hertog. Naturally, their AI-software is the core of what their company is all about. The AI automatically selects the best photo sets which customers possess. Subsequently, these are combined with a smart auto-layout solution. The result: a composition of a photo book within mere minutes. ReSnap’s technology is an intelligent and easy solution which one of the leading photo product companies of Europe, Albelli, will now have at its disposal.

The best of both worlds

On the other hand, Albelli produces and supplies photo books and other related photo print products. Aside from the photo books, these include wall décors, cards, calendars and prints. The company also has a strong European presence due to their recognized local brands and the millions of people all across Europe to whom they deliver their products. Albelli has a strong market position across the Benelux, Scandinavia as well as other European countries.

“Promising startup”

The acquisition of ReSnap, which is according to the news platform The Next Web “one of the most promising early-stage startups from all over the world”, opens a lot of doors. It will combine Albelli’s European reach and marketing expertise with ReSnap’s innovative AI technology. ReSnap itself has also done some acquiring this year.

A promising future

Tristan Money, CEO of Albelli, stated the following; “By combining ReSnap’s smart photo selection technology with Albelli’s current award winning software, we will be able to make the whole process of photo selection and photo product creation a lot easier for our customers”. Making their products easier to use seems to be Albelli’s current main goal.

Software combined

It is also interesting to take note of ReSnap’s role at the company, as their software will be combined with Albelli’s, which is seemingly already winning awards. How this combination will take place is not clear yet, but it sure does sound promising. Also, ReSnap management and employees will remain active in Nijmegen. Financial details about the transaction are not disclosed.

Acquire Bundle in May

In May,2017, ReSnap acquired fellow photo startup Bundle for an undisclosed amount. Bundle was initially founded in 2014 and took part in StartupBootcamp.

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