Amsterdam-based FaaS startup Jexia raises €4M to simplify app development

Amsterdam-based FaaS startup Jexia raises €4M to simplify app development

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Based in Amsterdam, Jexia is a tech startup that revolutionises the way applications and data streams are built, stored and managed. For the starters, Jexia offers a developer platform with the mission to enable programmers to easily develop the web and mobile applications.

Raised €4 million!

In a recent development, FaaS (Functions-as-a-Service) platform has raised €4 million in funding from angel investors to accelerate its growth and expansions.

The Dutch startup‘s platform allows developers to drastically speed up software development, build modern applications and outsource the maintenance of important back-end components.

No more recurring peripheral issues!

Notably, the Jexia platform runs, scales and maintains most of the components that are present in the web and mobile application. This platform makes life easy for developers since the recurring peripheral issues including hosting accounts and building and maintaining standard back-end functions are no longer required.


The FaaS platform based out of Amsterdam is planning to work on account with advanced collaboration tools for better collaboration purposes. Having said that, this feature is expected to be available in Q4 of 2019.


Jexia is not alone in this platform as it faces a lot of competitors including  Firebase, Remotestorage, deployd and more.

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