Amsterdam-based HERE collaborates with owner of WeChat, Tencent to power up its global mapping platform

Amsterdam-based HERE collaborates with owner of WeChat, Tencent to power up its global mapping platform

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It appears to be a significant deal in the rapidly growing sector of mapping platforms that Tencent, a Chinese multinational investment holding conglomerate founded in 1998, has signed with Amsterdam-based HERE.

The collaboration has created humungous reactions in the business world as HERE is set to provide map and location data for its products — including WeChat and QQ — outside China.

HERE is the leading global provider of location data and platform services. The company delivers up-to-date and high-quality maps for 200 countries. This includes hundreds of millions of places and point of addresses worldwide to discover and interact with. HERE is a conglomerate of the Nokia Maps and Navteq (acquired by Nokia in 2007). With an expertise in processing millions of changes to its mapping database on a day-to-day basis, HERE is facing towards a brighter future.

With this collaboration, HERE intends to strengthen the mapping platform for Tencent outside China. It is going to support its location platforms and places data. This covers a variety of Tencent products and services, outside of China, including Japan. The deal with Tencent is one of a kind as the company is one of the world’s biggest online service providers. It is a huge leap for Amsterdam based HERE Technologies to be Tencent’s main provider of global map content and places information.

With a promise to deliver high-quality map and location services, HERE’s SVP and General Manager APAC at HERE Technologies, Leon van de Pas are looking forward to expanding their firm by supporting Tencent’s large user base.

HERE has the ability to support Tencent’s customers with better technology and information. This collaboration with Tencent is definitely going to fuel the task to manage the new technological infrastructure and assets which literally paves way for drivers to their destination.

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