Amsterdam-based SaaS startup Paazl appoints Jan-Willem Roest as new CEO: All you need to know

Amsterdam-based SaaS startup Paazl appoints Jan-Willem Roest as new CEO: All you need to know

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The Internet is going to be the marketplace for our future purchases or at least a large portion of it. Online retails are expected to grow many folds in the upcoming years. At present, e-commerce sales are on the rise leading to a surge in package volume.

As a result, the shippers don’t have the capacity or network to deliver the parcels quickly. This opened up a significant opportunity for startups to emerge. One of the startups that made use of this is space is the Amsterdam-based Paazl.

Meet Paazl!

Founded in 2009 in the Netherlands, Paazl is a fast-growing SaaS company that focuses on making e-commerce delivery convenient. In a recent development, the company announced Jan-Willem Roest as the new CEO, who also joins the company as a shareholder.

Jan-Willem Roest as CEO!

Roest takes over from Paazl founders, Bernard Schreiner, and Ramon Keijsers, who will remain active on the management team. After nearly ten successful years with PayPal, he will focus on the international expansion of Paazl. In addition to it, Roest has been appointed to innovate in the delivery industry and to upscale the software company as well.

CEO Jan-Willem Roest, said:

A personalized delivery experience is the way to grow your e-commerce business. Because not all companies have the capacity to set up their shipping service for international coverage, we take it out of their hands. With the purpose to enable brands and retailers to grow internationally, in the coming years, we want to showall global brands how they can grow their business with Paazl – a mission in which I am confident and very much looking forward to.

Delivery made easy

Paazl develops and sells delivery management software that helps successful online retailers cope with the ever-increasing complexity of e-commerce logistics. The company built a data-driven algorithm based on real-time carrier data from over 50 international and local carriers.


It benefits e-commerce brands and retailers with better optimisation of cross-border logistics and personalisation of delivery options. This allows them to visualize times and locations in the checkout page, so their consumers pick when and where they want their purchased goods to be delivered.

Involved in 20 million shipments annually

The SaaS platform is involved in more than 20 million shipments on an annual basis. International and regional brands such as Rituals, Hunkemöller, G-Star RAW, Under Armour, Suitsupply, and many others already rely on Paazl’s services.

According to Bernard Schreiner, co-founder of Paazl,

In our search for the new CEO, we needed someone who truly understood what convenience in e-commerce is about. As PayPal is a front-runner in making payments convenient, Jan-Willem’s entrepreneurial mindset and strong background in a comparable market makes us confident he is the right person to achieve Paazl’s mission: making delivery convenient.

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