Amsterdam-based startup Blockdata raises €200k funding to map blockchain ecosystem

Amsterdam-based startup Blockdata raises €200k funding to map blockchain ecosystem

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Blockdata, an Amsterdam-based startup that provides high-quality data on blockchain projects, announced today that it has raised a €200k angel round from undisclosed investors.

The lead investor, who has previously exited an AI company, said “Blockdata gives everyone the opportunity to have a front-row seat for monitoring the adoption of blockchain technology across all industries. As adoption grows, there needs to be a source of high-quality information to help people understand the substance beyond the hype.”

The secondary investor, who was previously involved in building secure authentication and payment systems for governments and banks, added that “tracking and mapping the ecosystem is critical for investors to understand macro trends in blockchain and crypto.”

Blockdata was founded in early 2018 by Jonathan Knegtel (CEO), Lucas Schweiger (CDO), Niels Lucker (CMO), and Bob van Ratingen (CTO). All blockchain enthusiasts, they were frustrated at the inherent conflicts of interest present in existing information sources. Moreover, they saw that research efforts by crypto investors were incredibly inefficient because of the massive overlap in acquiring this data.

Blockdata aims to map the entire blockchain ecosystem and become the industry byword for reliable, unbiased information on blockchain projects. They have already signed on several reputable crypto companies, and aim to eventually be the data backbone for forward-thinking investors, corporates, and professionals. The Blockdata team will use the money to build out paid features, validate the market, and ensure a scalable data collection process. Blockdata will release its first public version in November.

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