10 Amsterdam-based smartphone app startups getting very popular in 2019

10 Amsterdam-based smartphone app startups getting very popular in 2019

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Apple and Samsung smartphones have given rise to several startups creating mobile apps for almost everything. Mobile apps startups are doing some great business in Amsterdam as well. While there are some big names in the segment like Picnic, Booking.com, Coolblue and Takeaway which are helping Amsterdammers in every aspect of like including food, travel, online shopping and more, at the same time, there are more and more coming up almost every year or maybe just gaining popularity with each passing year.

So today, we take a look at some of the fastest-growing smartphone app startups in Amsterdam to watch in 2019.


Founders: Mircea Popa, Victor Anastasiu

Funding: €10M

SkinVision is a mobile app startup that allows you to understand your risk factors for skin cancer and keep track of your moles. This Medtech startup, founded in 2011, answers your questions, assesses, and gives you advice. Interestingly, the company has built up a customer portfolio of 1,200,000 users globally and a database of 3.5 million pictures of suspicious skin conditions.


Founders:  Hugo Braam, Paul Braam

Funding: €8.9M

Founded in 2008, Virtuagym is an online fitness platform that offers essential exercise, personal training, and tailor-made nutrition plans for users. Moreover, fitness enthusiasts can track and monitor their activity through their official app available on both iOS and Android platforms.


Founders:  Job Harmsen, Koen Droste, Maximiliano Neustadt, Niek Bokkers

Funding: €4.4M

Polarsteps is an app, which automatically tracks your route and places you’ve visited while you are traveling. Interestingly, the GPS works independently of mobile reception, where the app syncs its data whenever the user crosses a pocket of cell reception or when you log in to the Wi-Fi at the cafe or hotel.


Founders: Arjen Noorbergen, Tom Meijeraan

Funding: €2.3M

Olisto was founded in 2015 and let’s connect devices, apps, and services to make them work together. With Olisto integration, you can integrate the company’s rule engine with your app or service. This integration is possible with a few lines of coding and opens up limitless possibilities. You can control different products, make complex scenarios, and add voice-control from within the app.


Founders: Frank Roor, Hans Ober, Hans Upper, Ruud Kamphuis

Founded in 2013, TicketSwap is a safe and fair platform to buy and sell e-tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, theatre and day trips.

The Inner Circle

Founders: David Vermeulen and Michael Krayenhoff

Founded by David Vermeulen and Michael Krayenhoff in 2012, The Inner Circle is dating app with a vibrant global community of like-minded singles. It’s one of the few dating apps out there that offline host events to let its members be more connected to each other.


Founders: Marco Jansen, René Schoenmakers

Funding: €85M

Founded by René Schoenmakers and Marco Jansen, Catawiki in 2008, Catawiki is a community for collectors to buy and sell collectables including comic books and stamps.

Over time, it has expanded to over 60 different categories, and it is one of the premier online destinations in Europe for trading individual items — including art, watches, and jewellery.


Founders: Bas Beerens, Rinke Visser, Ronald Hans

Funding: €22.7M

The file-transfer startup, WeTransfer offers a way to send files around the world through its platform, especially large files. Founded in 2009, the company has offices in the Netherlands and the US. One of the significant benefits of WeTransfer is that users can transfer data without creating an account. Users can add up to 20 email recipient addresses and can send up to 2GB of files at once.


Founders: Egbert Pronk, Joost van de Wijgerd, Nick Bortot, Robbert Bos

Funding: €24.3M

Founded in 2014, BUX makes it easy and affordable for people to engage in the financial markets through mobile platforms for commission-free stock investing and CFD trading.


Founders: Ali Niknam
Funding: €40.9M

Bunq offers an independent bank that removes borders and barriers in traditional banking. With this platform, users can share bank accounts with whomever they want, pay with worldwide Maestro and Mastercards wherever they go.

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