Antwerp-based Daltix wants to become the ‘Google of retail sector,’ scores €1.3M funding

Antwerp-based Daltix wants to become the ‘Google of retail sector,’ scores €1.3M funding

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Antwerp-based startup Daltix, which provides real-time data of prices, promotions and insights to retailers in the food, FMCG and DIY sector has recently announced that it has successfully closed a capital round of € 1.3 million. According to the press release, the latest investment will support the acceleration of growth in the Benelux region, expansion into new markets as well as the launch of new innovations. The news investors including popular names like Tim Duhamel (InSites Consulting) and Pieterjan Bouten and Louis Jonckheere (Showpad).

Founded in 2016 by Jonas Deprez, strengthened by nearly 30 employees and with its headquarters in Boom, Daltix offers a unique platform for real-time insights into the main drivers of Food, FMCG and DIY retail: price, promotions and assortment. Based on this, retailers and suppliers can build their commercial strategies, improve their negotiating positions and identify unique opportunities and evolutions in the market.

The Belgian company’s core differs from the competition as the one-stop-shop partner for the commercial organization. The baseline, Beyond Data, expresses that Daltix does more than just provide data.

“Data expertise is a must in today’s competitive landscape. Where many retailers and suppliers do not have this expertise in-house, Daltix can offer enormous added value. We do this by collecting, enriching and processing retail data online and offline via Big Data and AI technology. We currently do this for the Benelux market, for more than 5 million products at more than 60 retailers including traditional players but also pure players. Where relevant, regional prices and promotions are taken into account. All insights are made available in handy applications for commercial people. It is now our ambition to also conquer other European markets, ” explains Jonas Deprez, CEO of Daltix.

Investment for further growth

The investment will accelerate operational developments in Europe, it will step up marketing efforts, roll out new innovations and move on to new, strategic recruitments. “We don’t think in terms of limits and to double the turnover in first few years. Our ambition is to become the Google of the retail sector, ” explains Jonas Deprez, CEO of Daltix.

In addition to founder Jonas Deprez, CTO Simon Esprit and BrainTower founder Jan De Lancker (who became a partner and co-shareholder in September 2017), Tim Duhamel, co-founder of Insites Consulting, and Pieterjan Bouten and Louis Jonckheere of Showpad are also joining as new investors. in the Antwerp start-up.

Jan De Lancker, founder of BrainTower said, “The importance of data in a highly competitive market is clear. The competencies of DALTIX and BrainTower are perfectly complementary. We are delighted with the entry of a group around Tim Duhamel (Insites-Consulting) and Pieterjan Bouten and Louis Jonckheere (Showpad).” With the entry of the new investors, DALTIX is also gaining a wealth of knowledge about the FMCG market, together with expertise in the field of SaaS development and sales.

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