Apply for Social Impact Lab 2019 with your startup or scaleup and complete your social mission

Apply for Social Impact Lab 2019 with your startup or scaleup and complete your social mission

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It’s not easy to bring about a real, positive change that affects lives. There are an abundance of startups trying to accomplish the same thing and even if one exhibits relentless hard work, dedication and sheer grit, it might, unfortunately, not be enough. If you are a social enterprise and/or a social impact startup, chances are you’ve already experienced some problems that are strenuous to overcome.

Social Impact Lab is an initiative by PwC that enables social enterprises to take the next step and overcome hurdles, to get closer to their goal. This year marks the initiative’s sixth edition and the winning startup can bag a prize of €5,000, while scaleups will secure €10,000 as a reward.

Additionally, if the prize money seemed like a good catch to you, brace yourselves for the cherry on top. Social Impact Lab’s winning startup and scaleup will receive two years of intensive coaching and advice from PwC, one of the leading professional services companies in the world. They will also get to use PwC’s office facilities!

Why join Social Impact Lab 2019?

Social Impact Lab is an international competition held in the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, and Austria. Startups and scaleups from these countries can enrol in the challenge to gain a solid footing and take their social enterprise to the next level. During the challenge, startups and scaleups will be guided in multiple disciplines like networking, financial advice, and their business plan. This means that even if you don’t make it to the finals, your venture will be able to grow with the guidance and accumulated knowledge gained during the event.

There will also be interesting workshops and training to help your social enterprise grow, which includes:

  • A business plan training for the startups
  • Feedback on the business model for scaleups
  • Pitch training
  • Speed dating with Professionals

Previous Social Impact Lab winners

Last year, four startups and one scaleup won the Social Impact Challenge. The winning scaleup Active Cues develops games for specific target groups like people with dementia, learning disabilities, or children with autism. These games are played via a beamer on a ‘Tovertafel’ (Magic Table). As for the startups, Coolfinity, GiantLeaps, Kodluyoruz, and MUMO were the lucky winners.

How to enrol in PwC Social Impact Lab

While the last day for submitting an application to enter the challenge was May 31, the deadline has been extended till June 10. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the challenge here.

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