Frysian startup Appmachine acquired for $37,5M

Frysian startup Appmachine acquired for $37,5M

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Great idea for an app, but don’t know how to build it? There’s an app for that! AppMachine enables beginners and professionals to create web-based and native mobile apps with ease. They’re big but about to get a lot bigger: this week they were fully acquired by US technology juggernaut Endurance International. Total amount: a whopping $37,5 million dollars. 

Succes story

The multi-million acquisition ($15,2M of it had already been paid for, for 40% last year) is one of the latest success stories of AppMachine founder Siebrand Dijkstra, who build several successful and profitable companies from the ground up. As a dyslexic college dropout with attention deficit disorder (ADHD), nobody would have thought Dijkstra would become a millionaire. But learning himself to code on his first computer at the young age of twelve paid off. Big time.

Easy and straightforward

AppMachine’s pitch is easy and straightforward: it provides software, building products and capabilities to users (from beginners to professionals), enabling them to create apps, either web-based or native for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Think digital Lego blocks for people who have a vision, but lack the crucial the technical know-how to make their idea a reality.

Endurance International Group

Endurance International Group provides small businesses all over the world with technology to juice up their online web presence, mobile business solutions and email marketing. AppMachine will play an important role to enhance existing offerings by developing new products that will be integrated into the Endurance technology platform. “By integrating AppMachine’s team and platform with Endurance, we see an opportunity to unify, simplify and strengthen our existing portfolio of web presence and digital marketing solutions as well as expand this portfolio over time as the needs of our subscribers evolve,” said Michael Kesselman, EVP, Innovation and Strategy at Endurance.

Over the past 18 months, Endurance and Appmachine already build various products. The most recent was the launch of, a new and innovative approach to automatically generating and managing a mobile optimized small business website directly on a phone.

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