Belgian digital learning startup gets €1M funding: Here’s what’s next!

Belgian digital learning startup gets €1M funding: Here’s what’s next!

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A Belgian digital learning and workplace training platform, MySkillCamp has recently raised €1 million. The investment comes from new and existing investors including LeanSquare, Seederfund, WapInvest and SIBA.

Kevin Tillier, co-founder and CEO of MySkillCamp, said: “We wanted to decompartmentalise our teams by offering them a better framework, and facilitate internal collaboration, while anticipating future recruitment needs.”

What is MySkillCamp?

MySkillCamp, headquartered in Tournai and founded in 2016, offers a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) solution that is used to track, create, manage and administer professional training in spaces called Camps. The startup’s current list of clients includes D’Ieteren, Thalys, Sodexo, Spadel, and IFAPME Charleroi. They have been using the platform to impart training and initiate professional development of their employees.

How does MySkillCamp work?

In order to facilitate workforce training, the platform employs tools like courses, quizzes, media, projects, discussions, certificates and events. The users of the platform can also participate in learning communities. By doing so, they can receive one-on-one mentoring through the platform.


MySkillCamp’s all-in-one platform allows HR departments of various companies to create a complete digital training environment for employees by connecting all the necessary third-party and proprietary tools. The HR departments can supervise their employees’ progress through analytical data available on the platform’s dashboard.

Funding the future

The funding will enhance the platform by providing a learning experience that is modern, centralised, participatory, scalable and unified. The startup will also focus on recruitment in the first half of 2019. It aims to hire experienced developers, web designers, and AI developers. This will further allow the startup to focus on its marketing department and look for potential new customers in order to grow its business in the French and Belgian markets.

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