Belgian startup that develops drowsiness detection software just raised around €1M funding

Belgian startup that develops drowsiness detection software just raised around €1M funding

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Based out of Belgium, Phasya, a company which develops drowsiness detection software has raised €967,000 in equity from several private and institutional investors. The company will be utilizing this fund to expand its business and develop its product range.

Companies like SCALE I (Be Angels), W.IN.G (SRIW), Meusinvest, and Gesval (a University of Liege development company) have taken part in the funding operation.

Confidence in Phasya’s potential!

The fundamental reason behind the companies investing in Phasya represents its international potential across a range of markets such as automotive, rail, control rooms, and medical diagnosis.

Customized solutions for analyzing eye images

For the uninitiated, Phasya develops software for measuring and predicting physiological and cognitive states (e.g. drowsiness, stress, cognitive load, etc.) that influence human performance. In addition to it, Phasya also develops solutions for detecting various physiological and cognitive states such as stress, attention, cognitive load, and mind wandering.

Dedicated to improving safety in transportation

Phasya’s products are dedicated to improving safety in transportation and industry. These software products are based on the analysis of data from the human body (e.g. heart rate, eye movements, etc.) provided by various sensors like cameras or smartwatches. Phasya is a University of Liege spin-off, founded in December 2014, following several years of multidisciplinary research and development.

Notably, the first product of Phasya is a drowsiness measurement software based on the analysis of eye images. In the automotive industry, this software enables detection of early signs of driver drowsiness and so reduces the risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

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