Belgian startup WinWinner raises €10M funding for Flemish entrepreneurs

Belgian startup WinWinner raises €10M funding for Flemish entrepreneurs

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The Ghent-based startup, WinWinner, which supports entrepreneurs with financial support has raised a funding amount of €10 million for Flemish entrepreneurs by September 2018.

The Belgian startup provides a one-stop-shop offer for companies that want to raise money through various forms of financing including win-win loans, ordinary loans, capital investments, crowdfunding, bank loans, and more.etc. In less than 3 years, the company has helped quite a number of entrepreneurs already.

In the last 6 months, more than 500 entrepreneurs have contacted WinWinner for guidance, which is twice the amount of the same period last year.

“This success also exceeds our wildest expectations,” said Aelbrecht Van Damme, CEO, and co-founder of WinWinner. “We help companies determine their financing needs and translate this need to the market. The feedback from entrepreneurs clearly shows that there is a great need for this solution. ” The growing number of companies that turn to WinWinner confirms that the Flemish business environment is healthy.

More and more demand for funding

The many initiatives around (alternative) financing in Belgium prove that there is a need for such a solution. In less than 3 years, a total of €10 million in financing was raised through WinWinner with more than 500 investors and financial parties. Notably, 9 of the 10 million have been realised in the last 17 months.

Success Stories

Here are a few startups that benefitted from WinWinner’s guidance.

For example, Wim Ballieu, known for the Balls & Glory restaurants, raised more than € 200,000 in no time. The world’s first fully electric speedboat, fabricated by Liso, was also financed by various business angels.

“By giving my customers and suppliers the opportunity to invest in my business, we were able to create ambassadors and we could continue to grow”, says Wim Ballieu, founder of Balls & Glory and WinWinner customer from the very beginning.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo also mentioned startup funding last Tuesday at the event of the FPS Economy – Financing for SMEs and the self-employed – “More opportunities for start-ups means more opportunities for innovation and new jobs. Tax-friendly financing measures such as the tax shelter for start-ups provide starters better access to finance and also ensure that money on savings accounts is used to grow the Belgian economy.”

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