Alibaba snaps up German big data startup data Artisans for €90M

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Berlin-based startup data Artisans has been acquired by Chinese multinational conglomerate Alibaba in a €90 million deal. The startup specialises in distributed systems and extensive data streaming services for enterprises.

data Artisans was founded by Aljoscha Krettek, Fabian Hueske, Kostas Tzoumas, Robert Metzger, Stephan Ewen and Ufuk Celebi in 2014. The flagship solutions of the company includes Apache Flink, dA Platform and Application Manager.

Apache Flink — performance + scalability + accuracy

Apache Flink is an efficient scalable open source stream processing framework that integrates real-time event-driven applications and real-time analytics. Besides, the global backup snapshots for fault tolerance substantiate a consistent view of an Apache Flink application, ensuring fault tolerance and exactly-once application semantics.

dA Platform & Application Manager

dA Platform facilitates high-throughput and low-latency solutions for event-driven applications. Further, dA Application Manager enables businesses to view all their stream processing applications at one go by incorporating ready-to-go integrations with container orchestration, CI/CD, logging, metrics and state storage.

data Artisans – is trusted by industry stalwarts

data Artisans has won credibility in the market and provides Apache Flink-powered real-time solutions for companies across the globe. Some of its worth-mentioning clientele include Huawei, Ericsson, Uber, Comcast and ING.

The startup raised 5.5 million in Series A funding round led by Intel Capital in 2016.

What is the outlook of the Alibaba Group?

The Chinese e-commerce giant and data Artisans work partnership has instigated since 2016. The acquisition will enable Alibaba to obtain cutting-edge software architecture and boost performance of its e-commerce, cloud business, streaming services and others.

Jingren Zhou, vice president of Alibaba Group stated, “By leveraging the technology expertise of both teams and shared passion to develop the open-source community, we are confident that this strategic tie-in will further strengthen the growth of the Flink community, accelerate the data-processing technologies and help bolster an open, collaborative and constructive environment for global developers who are passionate about stream processing and enabling real-time applications for modern enterprises.”  

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